Income taxes legal: A state appeals court says the Washington ban on net income taxes is unconstitutional ($) but also maintains invalidation of Seattle’s income tax.

Saving affordable housing: Berlin’s next move to preserve affordable housing units is to buy them.

Green remodel: The historic Smith Tower has just been certified as LEED Platinum thanks to green upgrades.

Public banking: Could public banks help California fund affordable housing?

Langley SkyTrain: TransLink has provided an update on planning for SkyTrain service to Langley.

Starting up in the city: Startups are abandoning suburbs for cities with good public transportation systems.

Accessible transit: CityLab talks about how transit could be designed more accessible for the visually impaired.

Bleak numbers: In the first half of 2019, early data indicates more than 100 serious injuries and fatal traffic incidents in Seattle ($).

Airbnb wins: Airbnb lobbyists strike a blow against statewide land use regulation of vacation rentals in California.

Rolling back parking regs: Houston is moving forward with parking minimum regulation elimination in two more city center districts.

Tulip tower kiboshed: London’s mayor has blocked a proposed “tulip” tower from being built.

Controversial project: What will the Central District’s Chateau Apartments be replaced with?

Elevated rail?: Bill Savage makes the case for elevated light rail and why it would make communities in Seattle more beautiful.

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