Nextgen: New York City has a new generation of trash and recycling bins.

No surprises here: Washington’s Republican Party has direct links to domestic terrorism.

Housing Toronto: Toronto has a plan for 40,000 affordable homes.

TOD Boston: In Boston, there’s capacity for over 250,000 homes near existing transit.

Cooperative model: The Bay Area has a new cooperative model for affordable housing to fight speculation.

Questionable zones: In Houston, there is massive rent increases taking place in Opportunity Zones.

Equitable investment: Philadelphia looks to get needed investment in neighborhoods without the pitfalls of gentrification.

14th Street: New York City’s new bus zone is having profound results and the city’s mayor is finally getting onboard with it.

Elitist regulation: Bangkok planners continue to try to stomp out street food vendors ($) in order to “cleanup the city”.

Better road laws: New laws to protect non-car users of roads in Washington come into effect in January.

Hyperloop distractions: A Chicago-to-Cleveland hyperloop could cost $30 billion according to a new report, but there are ample reasons to be skeptical of it.

Height limits in SAN: Building height limits might be eliminated near light rail stations in San Diego.

VA all in: Virginia wants to make major Amtrak and commuter rail expansions in the state and inked a big deal with CSX, a private mainline railroad company.

Eastern WA rail: More details on a passenger rail line from Auburn to Spokane come to light.

Mob-run governance: The Trump administration appears poised to criminalize homelessness.

Housing VA: With a Democratic majority in Virginia, party leaders are trying to overhaul housing laws to allow more density.

ACA saga: The Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate has been ruled unconstitutional in a federal appeals court, which could unravel the whole healthcare insurance program ($).

Repurposing bandwidth: The Federal Communications Commission has opted to limit wifi bandwidths dedicated to transportation and open it up to other uses.

Next stop: Take a preview of the new Roosevelt light rail station ($).

Kitsilano highrises: In Vancouver, the Squamish First Nation has given approval for an 11-tower, 6,000-unit development on their historic Kitsilano lands.

Maglev planning paused: Federal review of the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. maglev high-speed rail project has temporarily been paused ($).

Take note WSDOT: Oregon’s transportation commission has delayed a vote on I-5 expansion in Portland after the governor stepped in and community demanded no expansion.

Noisy neighbor: Burien residents have been inundated by airport noise, which led them to sue and win ($).

Compassionate justice: The Supreme Court of the United States lets stand a lower court decision that allows people experiencing homelessness to sleep on public streets if no other shelter is available.

New aquarium: The Seattle Aquarium is planning $113 million in upgrades and expansion ($).

Fare-free MIA: Miami could become the next big American city to go fare-free for transit.

Not exempt: Washington’s state supreme court says that state legislators have to provide public records on demand ($).

TIF: Cincinnati has approved 15 new tax increment funding districts to benefit lower-income neighborhoods.

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