A pedestrian street in Macau.
A pedestrian street in Macau.

Disconnected: According to a new study, streets across the globe are becoming less connected.

Curbing sprawl: An Arizona bill would block rural-to-urban water rights transfers from the Colorado river.

Bike 520: Seattle Bike Blog takes a dive into what the extended SR-520 trail might look like in reaching Capitol Hill and Eastlake.

Deadly streets: Orlando has the most unsafe streets in the country, but has plans to fix that.

Funding better options: Fees on ridehailing have already become an important funding source for speeding up delivery of sustainable transportation improvements.

Restoring the environment: Amsterdam is leading the way on restoring wetlands.

PDX’s gas tax projects: Portland could re-up its gas tax this spring, but what projects will it fund?

Expanding Harborview: Harborview Medical Center is planning to build a new tower to expand the hospital and is poised to cost nearly $1 billion ($).

Car-free streets: A big portion of Market Street in San Francisco is now closed to cars and the results look good. Meanwhile, people in Ghent say that since streets have become car-free they are more pleasant.

International changes: In response to the global Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has begun screening international travelers coming from China for the virus ($). The airport has also rolled a new skybridge into place to connect terminals for new international customs space opening this fall.

SB 50’s dead: A big California bill to increase development capacity in cities across the state has failed again this year.

Housing CA by lawsuits: Litigation by California’s attorney general over land use has been delivering good results.

Suburban Boomers: Trends show that the Baby Boomer generation is choosing less urban lifestyles than previous generations ($).

Rising rates: Seattle-area home price rises appear to be accelerating at pace with the national average ($).

Less than 10%: For 110 affordable apartments above Capitol Hill Station, more than 1,300 applications were submitted.

Not considered: When purchasing a new car, few people consider carbon emissions at the dealership.

Less delay: Kirkland will kick off construction of a new pedestrian and bike bridge to remove an obstacle of crossing Totem Lake Blvd and NE 124th St when using the trail.

National transportation framework: Democrats in the House of Representatives have released a $760 billion transportation framework.

Car-oriented capitals: Can you name the five state capitals that you can’t reach without a car?

Parking’s downside: Data continues to show that apartments with free parking reduce transit use by tenants.

Map of the Week: Yonah Freemark has his 2020 interactive map out highlighting major transit projects poised for delivery across North America this year.

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