Rose lanes: Portland has adopted its “rose lanes” program to expand transit priority across the city, but will they be safe for people biking?

Meter parking: Everett finally resorts to pricing on-street parking.

Food deserts: Zoning restrictions on the location of dollar stores are gaining popularity.

Lost and found: If you lose something in Japan, there is a very good chance you’ll get it back due to a strong social lost-and-found system.

AVs raise concerns: Autonomous vehicles present a lot of concern over safety.

Not so cheap: Increasingly unaffordable housing in Texas is making its housing market look a lot more like California’s.

HS2 green-lighted: In a big move last week, the British parliament approved a plan to expand high-speed rail north of London as part of the HS2 program.

Transit wins: The Washington Supreme Court has found that the car tab fee schedule that Sound Transit must use is constitutional ($).

Housing debates: In Nebraska, the effort to expand other housing types in single-family zones is not terribly controversial.

Reduce by pricing: Mayors in Hawaii want the state to study decongestion pricing to reduce air pollution and reduce traffic.

Morally corrupt: Donald Trump’s administration is trying to sue King County to allow King County International Airport ($) to be used for their deportation airlifts of immigrants.

Roads funding: A new levy lid lift could be headed to the ballot in King County to fund road maintenance mostly in rural areas.

A useful tool: Vancouver’s vacancy tax is working, raising revenue for housing and lowering the rate of empty homes.

VA fare debates: Virginia is considering reduced and free transit fares across the state.

Parking economy: Strong Towns argues that parking is something that market can’t solve.

I-976 saga: A King County judge has tried to dispose most of the constitutional arguments on I-976 ($), but the initiative remains on hold as it works its way through the court.

The housing lottery: The King County Housing Authority has reopened its lottery for Section 8 subsidized housing vouchers ($).

Map of the Week: Light pollution is actually making stargazing problematic in many rural areas of America.

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