Hunker down: Washington Governor Jay Inslee has issued a mandatory order that residents stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Meanwhile, local businesses have tried to adapt by moving to a to-go model.

Victory gardening: The coronavirus epidemic is bringing back World War II-era “victory gardens”.

Failure to test: How did the Trump administration squander a month of slowing and detecting the spread of COVID-19 ($)?

Transportation funding continues: Car tabs will continue to be collected under an order by a King County judge ($) while I-976 continues to be fought in higher courts.

Death cult: Using the coronavirus epidemic as a policy excuse, the Trump administration has had the United States Environmental Protection Agency take the reckless action to suspend vital environmental protections and regulations.

Tougher fight: With the pandemic in full swing, it could make fighting fires in Washington much more challenging.

Pandemic forecast: How could the pandemic unfold in the Puget Sound Region and affect healthcare systems?

Field hospital: CenturyLink Field Events Center will become a field hospital for COVID-19 patients. Medical staff from the United States Army have arrived to operate the facility.

Greater Eastside transit: Transit cartographer Oran Viriyincy has created a new Greater Eastside transit map.

Tragedy struck: A Community Transit bus operator has died of COVID-19.

Falling ridership: Washington State Ferries will stay on a winter schedule through April 25th while Amtrak Cascades will further cut back service due to the coronavirus epidemic. Meanwhile, King County Metro’s ridership is cratering.

High-speed hospitals: France is using the high-speed rail network to move patients across the country to reduce local pressure on healthcare systems.

Falling traffic: How much has traffic fallen in the United States in the past week due to the coronavirus epidemic?

Condemnation proceedings: Sound Transit is suing Microsoft in order to advance elements of the East Link light rail project ($).

Will history repeat?: What is the history of the housing market and the effects of a major epidemic?

Economic shock: More than 3.3 million Americans have filed for unemployment ($) due to the coronavirus epidemic and economic shutdown.

Green stimulus: What would a Green stimulus recovery plan look like in a post-coronavirus era?

Financial jolt: A $2 trillion bill to maintain social security and economic energy has passed Congress in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. $25 billion will go to public transit agencies, much of which will cover operational expenditures as revenues fall.

Not essential: Governor Jay Inslee has clarified that most construction work is not essential while his stay at home order is in force.

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