International fraud ring: Washington has probably lost hundreds of millions of unemployment insurance dollars ($) to international fraud.

Long haul: Even if Snohomish County could go to a Phase 2 reopening in early June, local officials appear poised to delay such a reopening ($). Other counties may not move to Phase 2 in early June($), too.

De-car-ing Edmonds: Rick Steves, the travel guide legend, suggests that his hometown in Edmonds should open some streets to just people, not cars.

Bike boom: Electric bike sales are skyrocketing and cities are beginning to rethink their street priorities.

Dichotomy: With the pandemic in motion, many prisoners have been released to reduce transmission of COVID-19, but many are struggling to find stable housing.

Broken utilities: Most utility companies are not structured to serve in the interest of customers or environmental goals.

Four is better: New Zealand’s government is looking to shorten the work week to recover from the pandemic.

Life of airports: Why do many airports seem to die?

Squeezed: In some cases, new outdoor dining is squeezing the sidewalk, making new challenges for pedestrians in limited sidewalk spaces.

Staying housed: How is Vancouver, British Columbia keeping renters in their homes amidst the pandemic?

Trailing: A 41-mile trail in Richmond, Virginia could be delayed due to the pandemic.

Climate leadership: In the oil and gas capital of America, can Houston become a climate policy leader?

Top 6: Seattle is no longer in the Top 5 cities in America for population growth ($), but how did it round out the decade?

ADUs in Chicago: Chicago is the next big city contemplating accessory dwelling unit reform.

App for that: If you’re missing the New York City Subway, there’s an app for that.

London de-car-ing: London is going to double down on getting cars out of the city center ($) in a bold program.

Retrofitting the suburbs: The suburbs can be retrofitted, but what should be the priorities in doing so?

In-street biz: Portland will allow in-street commerce to help businesses during the pandemic.

Elevator health: Elevators enabled the rise of tall buildings, but will COVID-19 change future elevators?

Budgeting missteps: Everett is axing 160 city staff as revenue challenges persist ($) and are accelerated by the pandemic.

Summer vacation cancelled: With people staying close to home, resort towns could be in for a very difficult summer.

Masks can be effective: A new study suggests that if at least 80% of Americans wore face masks, COVID-19 transmissions could plunge.

Bristol de-car-ing: Bristol plans to keep the city’s historic center pedestrianized even after the pandemic lifts.

Quieter NYC: The coronavirus has quieted New York City a lot since the same time last year. What sounds are left in the city ($)?

Rise of the bike: Bike counters in Seattle show that biking has been spiking during the pandemic.

Map of the Week: Where can’t people get evicted in America right now?

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