A mural on the Berlin Wall.
A mural on the Berlin Wall.

Bailout transit: Amtrak needs more than $1 billion from the federal government to cover costs associated with the pandemic. Local transit agencies across the country are looking for another $24 billion in aid.

Criminal landlording: A landlord who tried to evict tenants against Washington’s moratorium order has to pay about $300,000 for affected tenants ($).

Streetcars pay off: Streetcars were everywhere in Kansas City during its heyday, but is the city still benefiting from those investments now?

Culture ripped away: Albania’s historic national theater in Tirana has been demolished to make way for a new space, but that has led to cultural protests.

Box in COVID-19: Could hotels play a pivotal role in boxing in COVID-19 epidemic?

Scrapped: JUMP appears to be scrapping most of their bikes after shutting down.

Travel safely: How can you travel safely on mass transit in the COVID-19 era?

Missing payments: Many major commercial renters are missing their rent payments even in America’s financial heart ($).

MFTE in Kent: Kent has adopted a multifamily tax exemption program for Midway and Downtown, urban areas near transit, but developers seeking long-term exemptions will need to provide affordable units and skip surface parking.

Left at the curb: Edmonton, a major city in Alberta, could end up shutting down transit service over the summer due to the epidemic.

Tax measures: Wha tax measures are in and out for King County this year ($)?

Go by rail: Brightline could end up operating a commuter rail line in Miami-Dade County in addition to the private service the company operates.

PDX opens streets: Portland is moving forward with an open streets program for dining and retail.

Permeable policy: All new parking lane and sidewalk projects will need to use permeable pavement in New Orleans to reduce flooding.

Equity-minded: How can decongestion pricing be accomplished equitably?

Redesigning restaurants: A design group has come up with recommended designs for restaurants to use during the pandemic.

Safe Start: Washington Governor Jay Inslee is moving ahead with economic recovery in the state ($), but workers will need to wear face masks.

Gaslighter: Trump is known to want funding cuts to transportation generally, but what are the politics behind him tweeting about transit funding grants?

Peak Cali: California’s population may have peaked.

Corrupt governance: Trump sacked a federal transportation watchdog looking into the misdeeds of Elaine Chao, the federal transportation secretary and wife of the ruthless Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Eeeeek: Murder hornets may be spreading across the Puget Sound ($).

Bike biz: How can people convince skeptical business owners to support bike lanes?

Inducing congestion: The federal government is recklessly encouraging people to drive amidst the interim pandemic recovery despite safe practices internationally to continue using transit.

Bankruptcies ahead: Many small farmers could end up going bankrupt by year’s end.

Death Star cult: Trump has led to a massive body count from COVID-19, but even acting a week earlier could have saved 36,000 lives ($).

Not lifting all boats: Poor communities are following a long trend of becoming even poorer.

London’s Train Daddy: New York City’s Train Daddy, Andy Byford, has left the city after being pushed out by New York’s feckless governor and has landed a job in London.

Post-pandemic society: How could our behavior change in a post-pandemic world?

Closed: It looks like the end of the Cinerama and for now Re-Bar.

Changing decade: Did the 2010s live up to the “decade of the city”?

Go by public: Austin is looking to have the city transit pass fully integrated with public bikeshare this fall.

The great heist: Washington has been able to recover $300 million in stolen unemployment insurance money.

Suburban costs: When suburban corporate campuses close up shop, who ends up footing the bill of the vacancy?

Map(s) of the Week: CityLab explains how to detect distortions of maps.

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