Travel banned: The European Union will continue to bar Americans from entering due to the uncontrolled pandemic at home ($). Mexico has also closed the border along Arizona to Americans.

Masks required: Businesses in Washington will need to begin turning away customers next week if they don’t wear a face mask.

Cleaner truck fleet: California has imposed a new cleaner medium- and heavy-duty truck rule to reduce emissions over time.

Pandemic fallout: Virginia is scrambling to help people in need as the state’s eviction moratorium lapses.

How long?: Washington, D.C. has cleaner air but with reopening will that be able to be maintained?

Tear down division: Monuments to racism and segregation also include highways and interstates ($).

Covid victim: Another King County Metro bus driver has died of Covid ($).

“Sacrificial lambs”: Yakima’s farmworkers have become have been disproportionately affected by Covid and left behind.

Design your streets: A new transportation simulator lets you design and test out streets as you like.

Police reform ahead: Police reform, including tear gas and chokeholds, will be a top issue in the next Washington State legislative session.

Mid-Century Modern: Capitol Hill’s historical society now wants to preserve Mid-Century Modern architecture.

CA HSR approval: Virgin Train USA’s XpressWest project gets approval to use I-15 right-of-way in California for high-speed rail.

Car tab saga: The Washington Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tim Eyman’s anti-transportation initiative ($).

HK’s new law: A far-reaching “security” law has been adopted by the Chinese government ($) that will apply to Hong Kong.

Micromobility upside: Can corporate micromobility companies turn riders into street safety advocates?

Racist housing policy: America’s racist president wants to undo fair housing rules.

Camera enforcement stealer: In Toronto, someone is stealing newly installed speed cameras.

Flood risks growing: In America, millions of homeowners face flood risks and climate change is making that worse ($).

Fed funding pilot: Connecticut has won federal funding for the first automated bus program.

Connectivity: Early data suggests that connectivity, not density is a predictor of Covid susceptibility.

Progressive Paris: Paris has reelected Anne Hidalgo, a green socialist, as mayor with plans to further reorient streets for people to walk, bike, and roll.

Keep people biking: The pandemic has spurred more people to bike, but how can cities keep people wanting to choose biking after pandemic recovery?

Idle housing: Kent’s Covid isolation and quarantine center is operating at empty currently amidst a homelessness crisis.

National bike bills: Earl Blumenauer, a United States House of Representative from Oregon, is getting his bike-related bills to move ahead alongside a major infrastructure funding bill.

Green efforts: Stacey Abrams, a prominent Georgia politician, is leading an effort to move climate change as a major issue in the American South ($).

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