Slow start: Two years later, Minneapolis’ zoning reform is slow to deliver on triplexes.

Over-talked narrative: The media is obsessed with the “death of the city” narrative.

Cafe streets: Streetsblog Chicago says that Chicago’s cafe streets have been a huge success and should stay.

Arena district redevelopment: A Philadelphia sports team is looking for more than an arena development in Penn’s Landing with a district plan.

Raise gas taxes: New Jersey’s unique gas tax system is resulting in a gas tax increase due to fewer miles being driven by drivers.

Bay Area tolls: Should all freeways in the Bay Area be tolled?

Where housing bills die: A California bill to more easily allow duplexes in cities across the state died for the year ($). California unions also came out against affordable land use and housing bills ($).

Preventing outbreaks: Wastewater testing at universities like in Arizona has helped in preventing Covid outbreaks.

Covid safe: Washington Governor Jay Inslee is allowing limited capacity openings of museums, but will that be enough for them to survive?

Outdoor education: New York City is approving hundreds of outdoor activities in city streets and parks for schools.

Cosmetic cleaning?: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on cleaning to stop Covid but is all of it necessary?

Vacancy rates: What do and don’t vacancy rates tell you about a housing shortage?

Environmental justice: The Trillion Trees Initiative is trying to plant trees in American cities to fight climate change and address inequity in communities.

Smoked out: Wildfires are raging in much more than just California and a few big nearby cites, vastly impacting public health and the environment.

Stuck at home: A study suggest that millions of seniors may be stuck with very expensive and unsellable homes.

Everett streateries: Everett is setting aside parking spaces for streatery and other outdoor business uses ($).

Metra faring better: Chicago’s Metra Electric commuter rail line has seen ridership boom with fares being suspended comparatively to other services.

Wrong priorities: Vice Magazine looks at how outdated transportation planning models lead to broken transportation investments.

Feeder routes: Should select Seattle-oriented commuter routes from South King County be brought back as feeders to Link light rail?

Ending traffic violence: Vice President Joseph R. Biden and Democratic nominee for president lost family to traffic violence. Could he become the first president to do something to stop it?

Ballooning prices: Seattle area home prices continue to rise as younger buyers bid for housing ($).

Challenges ahead: Charlotte and Sun Belt cities are fast growing places in America, but they have their own share of challenges to address.

Linkage fee: San José has adopted a development linkage fee for affordable housing ($).

Under water: The Hudson River rail tunnel costs continue to rise.

Fascist policy: America’s fascist president is trying to defund cities that he doesn’t like even though it’s probably not constitutional.

Vehicle rampage: Bike Portland critiques Portland’s response to vehicle rampage by white supremicists.

Ban sidewalk parking: Parking on sidewalks could become illegal throughout the United Kingdom.

Covid-safe play streets: How do cities design play streets for the Covid era?

Streetcar Named Desire: What’s so great about streetcar suburbs?

Valuing climate change: Should property valuations consider the impact of climate change?

First Hill highrise: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog profiles a 25-story tower planned for First Hill.

Transit devastation: Baltimore’s transit authority is proposing devastate bus and rail cuts.

Freeway revolt: A Boston community does not want a higher rebuild of I-90 viaducts, instead hoping for a gentler option that makes walking and biking through the area better.

Bonding for housing: Atlanta looks to $100 million bond sale for affordable housing.

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