Reducing poverty: Forty-four European cities are pledging €14 billion in funding to alleviate poverty and social exclusion.

Rent crisis: Overdue rent is piling up and could balloon to $34 billion nationally by the new year. Katie Wilson says that Washington renters need assistance before eviction moratoriums lift.

Wrong way: Road fatalities have hit a 15-year high.

Lincoln Land GND: What could an Illinois Green New Deal look like?

New SoS needed: Washington’s secretary of state has a faulty voter registration system that is delaying some voters from completing the registration system.

Austin expansion plans: What does Austin’s trimmed down transit expansion proposal look like?

Vote for Democrats: Without federal assistance, three million American households could lose access to transit.

Slow progress: California’s governor has signed a bunch of housing and sustainable transportation bills into law.

More than EVs: We’re going to need to do a lot more than electrifying cars to fix climate-related transportation impacts.

Still counting: The Census Bureau will keep counting through the end of October.

Drawing bridges: Meet the artists making comics in Seattle’s historic drawbridges.

Here to stay?: Outdoor dining allowances in Philadelphia could remain in place uninterrupted through 2021.

Regressive business interests: Big business has come out swinging against Portland’s progressive transportation funding package.

Just recovery: Transportation Choices Coalition leader, Alex Hudson, lays out her ideas for a just transportation recovery.

Help needed: In a joint article, Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz says that Washington cannot contain wildfires without help from the state and federal governments.

Tax them: Boeing continues its treacherous business and poor management practices with pull-out of 787 plane manufacturing in Washington to South Carolina ($).

New high: Bike commuting hit a new all-time high in Seattle in 2019.

Wrong direction: Strong Towns explains how Wisconsin’s $1 billion I-94 expansion in Milwaukee is going in the wrong direction.

Devastating impacts: Climate change’s deleterious impacts could come to Oahu, leading to a 40% loss of beaches by 2050.

High WFH rate: Almost half of all adults working in the Seattle area are working from home ($).

Fighting back: The Yakima Nation is valiantly trying to block a new gravel mining pit near a historic village and sacred burial grounds.

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