Lower BC HSR: Could a high-speed rail line between Whistler and Chilliwack via Vancouver become a reality?

Failing workers: According to a study, late-night transit is failing non-white night shift workers in America.

Better Naito Forever: Better Naito, a bikeway along the waterfront in Downtown Portland, has received permanent approval.

Worse off: For low-income students, many of their schools were already in bad shape and now the pandemic has made things so much worse.

Shifting blame and costs: Michigan takes a huge step backward in car insurance requirements, putting more financial pressure and blame on vulnerable users of the road.

Cambridge PBLs: Cambridge, Massachusetts is fast-tracking a citywide protected bike lane network.

Northeast cap pact: The carbon capping pact in the Northeast is saving lives and cutting healthcare costs.

Eviction moratorium extended: Governor Jay Inslee has further extended the state eviction moratorium through December.

Vote Inslee: The choice couldn’t be clearer in Washington’s gubernatorial race on critical issues.

Legalizing multifamily: Voters in Alameda, a San Francisco Bay Area city, could remove a ban on multifamily housing in the city this November.

DMV regional rail: A new coalition wants a comprehensive regional rail system from Baltimore to Richmond by 2045.

Coastal woes: Coastal flooding largely spurred on by hurricanes is making insurance and down payments much more expensive and devaluing housing in North Carolina along the coasts.

Save the elephant: The famed Elephant Car Wash on Denny Way is going away, but the beloved sign will go to the Museum of History and Industry ($).

Not team players: A bunch of suburban cities in King County are opting out of a countywide tax plan that would fund housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Decongestion pricing talks: San Francisco is taking up decongestion pricing discussions again.

Tree plan: Boston looks toward a 20-year urban forestry plan.

Hidden impacts: Big oil companies provide guidance on future earning and production, but not disclosures on climate impacts.

Housing platform: Matthew Yglesias argues that a pro-housing development effort will reinvigorate the economy and restore affordability.

Trump death cult: The Centers for Disease Control was going to establish a national requirement for mask use on transit, planes, and other forms of transportation, but the Trump administration blocked the move ($).

Underperforming: Strong Towns walks through the many mismatched tax incentive programs that Kansas City has used to draw in development over the decades.

Freeway lids: The Urban Land Institute highlights three freeway lid projects that are undoing historic inequities.

TOD tax incentives: Bethesda, Maryland is offering a new tax incentive for highrise residential transit-oriented development.

Chief environmental terrorist: The Environmental Protection Agency further weakens rules for some major polluters under the direction of the Trump administration.

Could’ve been avoided: The coronavirus epidemic is out of control in Wisconsin and other parts of the country, which is leading to the reuse of emergency field hospitals to manage caseloads.

Urban canopy: A new study asserts the importance of urban trees in conservation efforts.

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