Grocery boom: Spending on groceries has shot up a lot during the pandemic in the Seattle area ($).

Toronto’s Quayside: With Google’s Sidewalk Labs out, Toronto is pursuing new suitors for a smart city redevelopment of Quayside.

Public broadband: Washington could be headed for public broadband, but will it happen?

Slower streets: Virginia could allow for lower speed streets.

CT zoning reform: A package of statewide zoning reforms may become reality in Connecticut.

Accelerating parking reform: How can cities accelerate parking reform?

Baby boom bust: The pandemic baby boom has so far been a baby bust ($).

Landmarking: A Capitol Hill building has been nominated for landmarking and has an intersection with racism.

Blocking pipes: Crosscut covers how indigenous peoples are fighting British Columbia’s pipelines.

Chef salad: What are the right ingredients for making a complete community?

Reopening schools: Reopening Washington schools is heavily dependent upon federal funding.

Anti-poverty tools: Sightline explains how permanent child payments would be a huge anti-poverty tool. Meanwhile, the American Rescue Plan Act could greatly strengthen the safety next and fight poverty.

HSR Act: A Congressional bill would provide $205 billion for high-speed rail.

Very long road: Even with broad use of more effective command and control regulation, it’s basically going to take forever for electric cars to fully replace internal combustion cars ($).

Europe bikes: Europe is doubling down on bicycling as part of pandemic recovery.

No monorail: Streetsblog LA argues for ditching of the Sepulveda Pass monorail.

Oil wells: Kern County in the Central Valley of California considers permits for thousands of new oil wells.

TOD: To fill revenue gaps, many transit agencies are looking toward land development.

Philly pedestrianizing: Philadelphia’s iconic Ben Franklin Parkway is poised to be remade as a pedestrianized street.

Grants for ST: A bill sponsored by Washington’s senior Senator Patty Murray could give $1.9 billion more in grants to Sound Transit ($).

Extended moratorium: Washington Governor Jay Inslee has extended the statewide moratorium evictions through June 30th ($).

Beacon Ave S: Advocates want a different bike lane design for Beacon Ave S.

Primary Hobbs: Will a Washington “clean fuels” bill get blocked because of one lone Democrat in the Senate?

Flood resiliency: Zoning for coastal flood resilience has passed New York City’s planning commission. Norfolk is also planning for flood resiliency.

DC inclusionary zoning: Inclusionary zoning has been expanded in Washington, D.C.

Ending SF zoning: Will Oakland end single-family zoning?

Privatization failure: Scotland is taking back the passenger railways into public hands.

Tax the rich: A $100 billion investment in the IRS could generate in $1.4 trillion more in taxation ($).

Musky con: Will Miami fall victim to Elon Musk’s car tunnel con?

Parking wars: Seniors in Puyallup have come out against development of parking lot ($).

Virginia is for trains: Virginia keeps expanding passenger rail.

Better than never: Massachusetts will require sidewalks and bike lanes as part of state highway projects.

HEAL Act: What is Washington’s HEAL Act?

Map of the Week: The New York Times looks at partisan segregation at the neighborhood level across America ($).

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