Street Moves: Rubén Casas says that Sweden’s “Street Moves” program could provide a collaborative, community-driven model for Puget Sound in remaking streets.

Parking minimums: How would a California bill impact residential parking requirements?

Busted again: Initiative fraudster Tim Eyman is hit with fines and fees topping $2.9 million ($) on top of existing fines.

Ghost districts: China created many districts intended to mimic European cities, but tourism and occupancy for many haven’t gone well.

Growing opposition: Opposition to Oregon’s I-5 highway expansion in the Portland Rose Quarter is growing.

Struggling industry: The hotel industry continues to struggle in Portland ($).

Banning air travel: France could be banning domestic flights that are competitive with rail.

New location: The Capitol Hill Farmers Market is moving to a new location at the station site.

Millennials aging: Seattle has 270,000 Millennials and the oldest ones turn 40 this year ($).

Regional merge?: Could a BART and Caltrain merger be a useful change for transit in the San Francisco Bay Area ($)?

NYC greenways: New York City bike advocates want federal funding to connect city greenways.

RAISE: The BUILD grant program has been replaced by the RAISE grant program under the United States Department of Transportation.

Night train: Could California use a night train?

Environmental assessment: New York City’s decongestion charge needs an environmental assessment, but what will it do?

MUTCD: Former Mayor Mike McGinn published a piece on MUTCD.

Streetcar to Beltline: A streetcar connection to Atlanta’s Beltline could be possible.

Wildfires plan: California could spend $538 million on a plan to fight wildfires ($).

Retaliation?: Grocery workers are saying that QFC closures are retaliations against the union over hazard pay.

Pain is everywhere: Small landlords are feeling the pinch from lost rental income due to moratoriums ($).

Community land trusts: What is the power of community land trusts ($)?

Tragedy: A person biking was killed in a hit and run this week near Seward Park. Another person — a known bike advocate — in Washington, D.C. died from a collision hours after tweeting about unsafe streets.

Big Sky rail: Montana counties are banding together for new passenger rail service.

Fresno: The hottest housing market right now is actually in the Central Valley ($).

No cause evictions: A proposal in Seattle may tighten up no cause evictions.

Vendors fight back: New York City street vendors are fighting back against developers that are trying to push them away.

Still a problem: High housing costs continue to be a problem for Millennials.

Elevated parkway: An elevated highway in Ginza, Tokyo may become an elevated park.

Derailed wealth tax: A wealth tax may not pass in Washington this year.

Complex and controversial: Even though there are controversies with the plan, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to move forward with the Empire Station Complex.

Recycled rubber: Portland will trial a new bikeshare station design.

Water conservation: In Las Vegas, authorities want to ban ornamental grass to conserve water.

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