Furthering fair housing: The Biden administration is bringing back fair housing rules that were scrapped by the previous administration ($).

Thank goodness: IndyGo bus rapid transit in Indianapolis will still get funding from the state after an anti-transit bill failed.

Tiny house town: A massive tiny house village expansion in Austin is set to move forward.

Pandemic moves: How did the pandemic change where Americans did and didn’t move ($)?

Swindlers renegotiate: Foxconn swindled Wisconsin out of extensive tax breaks for basically no jobs and investments, but a new deal dramatically changes the terms.

Not consulted: Publicola reports on how lived experience groups weren’t consulted on a homelessness initiative for Seattle.

Preventable crashes: Streetsblog explains how the federal government could have prevented a fatal Tesla car crash.

Auditing the rich: President Joe Biden is proposing a significant investment in the Internal Revenue Service to crackdown on the super-rich who flout and break tax laws ($) to help fund his American Families Plan.

As expected: Opponents of Washington’s new capital gains tax have already filed a lawsuit to block it.

Investing in Americans: The New York Times has a good visualization on President Joe Biden’s $4 trillion public investment plans ($).

Broken industries: Mike Eliason breaks down how the American architecture and construction industries are broken in America and then argues for single-stair buildings.

Abandon Boeing: Fedex brokers a deal to operate out of Paine Field as Boeing pulls out of its 787 Dreamliner center ($).

$15 per hour: President Joe Biden orders a $15 per hour minimum wage for all federal contractors ($).

Grand plans: Seattle Central College looks toward streetscape improvements and adding housing over an existing parking garage in Capitol Hill.

Miniature fire trucks: What’s so great about miniature fire trucks?

Rethink cities: Rubén Casas has ideas about what cities can do for us.

Madison BRT: Seattle will start construction for the Madison BRT project this fall.

Electrifying buses: A $73 billion investment could greatly boost electric buses in America.

Other priorities: After bailing on a third Capitol Hill location, Kroger is making big investments at its QFC Harvard Market location.

For curbside dining: An op-ed in The Stranger argues that curbside dining should be made permanent in Seattle.

Transit is coming back: In New York City, 24 hour subway service returns on Monday.

CRC 2.0: Ryan Packer covers the zombie Columbia River Crossing project for Bike Portland.

Open streets grant: Portland wins a grant to bolster outdoor dining plazas.

Design for zero: In Governing, a piece explains that we know how to prevent traffic deaths and that zero should be the goal.

Big affordable housing plans: Andrew Yang, who is running for Mayor of New York, has a $4 billion affordable housing plan.

North Greeley bikeway: An impressive bikeway in Portland is nearing completion.

Curbless streets debate: What’s all the hoopla about curbless streets in Seattle?

Ugly results: A new calculator projects how many cars will pollute and occupy your city’s highway from expansions.

Dismantle ODOT: Oregon’s transportation department partially relents on a portion of highway expansion in Portland after strong community condemnation over environmental racism.

Skid Row orders halted: A judge who forced Los Angeles to house people living on Skid Row has paused the order.

Seattle offices demanded: Demand for Seattle office space has come back ($).

Dead in the water: Washington State Ferries’ MV Wenatchee could be out of service for months, which will greatly impact service in Puget Sound.

Jetty Island ferry: Everett’s Jetty Island ferry returns this summer ($).

Stalled parking reform?: Will the slow-moving electric vehicle conversion process kill the parking reform movement?

Safety rankings: New national bike safety rankings are out.

Status quo is bad: Washington is sticking with its out-of-control, climate- and people-killing highway spending status quo ($).

Bike Apple Maps: Apple Maps now has a bicycling directions feature.

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