AFFH: The Biden administration is bringing back the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule ($).

TOD zoning: The Crenshaw Line moves forward in Los Angeles and Inglewood could rezone around stations.

Bike Boise: Separated bike lanes could be coming to Boise.

A bubble?: Is America in a housing bubble?

Population decline issues: What are the consequences for urban population decline in America?

Defending the tax: Washington is trying to keep the capital gains tax on the books.

PDX parkway: Bike Portland wants car-free streets on the city’s South Park Blocks. There has been misleading information about on street changes and trees.

Slow to relieve: Rent relief funding is slow to come in King County.

AMZN’s housing program: Amazon has targeted its affordable housing funding program for Seattle near transit ($). The company also has a program for the Washington, D.C. area.

Expanding TDM: Los Angeles could require more transportation demand management from small development projects.

Safety standards: Advocates want better federal car safety standards.

RCV: Why does King County need ranked-choice voting?

Equity dashboard: Transit Center has a new comprehensive dashboard for transit equity.

Juneteenth: Juneteenth has become a national and state holiday.

Competition: Republican King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert has stiff competition from Democratic challengers hoping to unseat her.

Better experience: Amtrak is improving the customer experience for long-distance routes.

Nashville housing strategies: Nashville could tackle its affordable housing crisis if a taskforce has its way.

Late payments: Seven million Americans are behind in rent.

High material costs: Home building costs have never been more expensive in America.

CAHSRA: California is getting back federal funding for high-speed rail.

Closed: The Canadian/American border will remain closed at least until July 21st.

Euro trends: Mike Eliason makes a guest appearance on Volts and highlights five interesting urbanism trends in Europe.

Parking regs: What happened when Buffalo changed its parking regulations?

Repeal the law: Support for repealing King County’s all-ages bike helmet law is growing.

Expanding opportunities: The federal government wants to make it easier for people to qualify for home loans if they have high student debt ($).

Grounded: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s LaGuardia Airport AirTrain has run into a delay by the federal government.

Benefits of rail: A new tool looks at the rate of return on investment in passenger rail.

USPS delayed: The United States Postal Service’s contract for new safer and cleaner delivery vehicles has run into a legal roadblock.

Subway tragedy: How did the Mexico City subway train end up in collapse ($)?

Signal improvements: Signal changes are coming to Capitol Hill at the Broadway and John Street intersection.

New FTA head: Nuria Fernandez has been confirm as the Federal Transit Administration head.

Map of the Week: Where could Amtrak service be expanded in the country?

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