Evicted: The federal eviction ban has been struck down ($) and New York’s eviction ban was tossed out. Wall Street also wants to hasten evictions.

The wise choice: Houston’s transit agency is moving ahead with transit projects despite budget issues.

The flip side: The federal reconciliation bill could go big on electric vehicles, but won’t meet climate goals.

Saving lives: Legislation in Illinois could reduce deaths for vulnerable road users.

Transit equity: How the federal government could improve transit equity. But how can the federal government better measure and regulate transit equity?

Burning up offsets: Wildfires are burning up trees planted as carbon offsets ($).

A broken system: Why is it easier to build new highways than subways?

A Swedish problem: Why isn’t Swedish rent control working?

Cleaning up water: San Diego is making huge investments in wastewater treatment facilities.

A new day: New York’s new governor Kathy Hochul is taking transit seriously in New York City. What are some ways she could improve the MTA? And yes, Andrew Cuomo was terrible on transit.

Eliminating an encroachment: A private encroachment onto the Burke-Gilman Trail has finally been removed.

A struggle: Rents are rising in New York City as people continue struggling to catch up on rent.

MN zoning reform: Minnesota legislators mull reforms to create more affordable housing.

Keeping up: Will Vancouver be able to grow as fast as its suburbs?

Needed investments: Disability Rights Washington has released a big report on the mobility needs of non-driving Washingtonians.

Better bus service: Free Sunday bus service has been launched in the Tri-Cities.

A failed policy: A new I-405 toll lane has been granted “environmental” approval.

Abused policy: A judge is limiting enrollment at UC Berkeley, blocking additional housing, for now.

The money: How much funding would come to Oregon from the federal infrastructure funding bill?

Vacated: A judge has vacated a Trump administration clean water rule ($) that would have allowed more waterbodies to go unregulated.

Public bathrooms: Should cities provide more public bathrooms?

Studying options: Denver’s transit agency is going to spend $8 million to study additional regional rail options to Boulder and Longmont.

More bus shelters: Bus shelters could help protect riders from extreme heat ($).

The why: What driver behaviors lead to pedestrian fatalities in Portland?

TOD: Massive development investments are planned near San José’s Caltrain station.

Community land trusts: Could Washington tackle community land trusts next year?

Apartment boom: Apartment construction tops 330,000 for fifth straight year.

Tear it down: A Dallas columnist wants to tear down I-345.

Subsidizing middle class: Should governments buy high-cost housing and subsidize it for middle class families?

Lure them back: Washington, D.C. is implementing big changes to service to lure riders back.

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