Link train at Capitol Hill Station. (Credit: The Urbanist)
Link train at Capitol Hill Station. (Credit: The Urbanist)

Still hiring: Amazon is hiring another 12,500 workers in Seattle ($).

A second station: Capitol Hill nearly got second light rail station but those hopes were dashed.

Trading away transit: Jeff Davis of Eno Transportation explains how transit got traded away in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Houston’s sprawl: Can Houston control its sprawl?

Terminate them: Anti-vaxxers who work for Washington State Ferries are hoping to cause chaos to block a socially responsible vaccine mandate.

Subways, not highways: An op-ed argues that the federal government should invest in the New York City subway, not highways.

Anchoring Anchorage: What can Anchorage’s new mayor do about housing in downtown?

Going backwards: A Philadelphia neighborhood is poised for rezoning, but it is at odds with the comprehensive plan and heads backwards.

“Mountain Lion” cities: What are the “Mountain Lion” cities growing in Western states?

Infrastructure debates: What should be federal priorities for infrastructure funding is highly debated today, but what were the debates back in the age of the Founding Fathers ($)?

Status quo reversion: Looking through the lens of San Francisco, an author shows how politicians talk about a big game on climate action but then run to the status quo.

Mask and vax up: King County will impose a mask mandate for large events outdoors this week; a recommendation to mask up outside is also being promoted. Two counties in Washington are also requiring vaccination proof to enter restaurants and bars.

Brownfield redevelopment: Crosscut covers how one of Washington’s most polluted sites is being proposed for redevelopment.

Act on climate: An Oregon representative has called on the state transportation department to take climate change seriously.

Vision for TOD: In Maryland county, a plan for big transit-oriented development along the Metro Blue Line has been outlined.

Microresurfacing: Portland is focusing microsurfacing treatments to streets designated as greenways.

100,000 affordable homes: The White House has announced a new plan for 100,000 affordable housing units.

Denser city living: The latest census shows a reversal of trends toward denser city living ($).

Love of cars: What is the real reason that Republican-leaning areas of the country love cars?

Narrow street requirements: Building narrower streets could help with building more affordable housing.

Resort town crises: On Orcas Island, a restaurant owner lived out of his car for a while to house two workers in his apartment to have staffing ($).

Uh oh: Renewal of Sound Transit’s CEO contract has been postponed several weeks.

Abolishing parking minimums: How did the Twin Cities eliminate parking minimums and how can other cities do it, too? San José could move toward elimination of parking minimums.

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