Construction underway on Alaskan Way and a bus passing by. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

No problem: Fayetteville hasn’t has minimum parking requirements for six years, so how is that going?

Fare-free February: In the Salt Lake City area, the region’s transit agency has been offering fare-free transit and has seen some positive ridership results.

Gas gimmicks: California Democrats aren’t as enthusiastic as Governor Gavin Newsom in reducing gas taxes.

Complete Streets: New York could pass legislation for complete streets.

Distraction: Virgin Hyperloop is laying off workers and pivoting from passengers to freight.

Platform barriers: New York City’s subway will pilot platform barrier doors and screens at three stations for passenger safety ($).

Noise control: France is installing noise sensors on streets that could lead to enforcement of loud motorists ($).

250,000: Los Angeles’ housing plan has been rejected by a state regulator, which is requiring that the city zone for an additional 250,000 homes ($).

Green Lake loop: The Green Lake Outer Loop project is fully funded with new project details.

Transit talk: At last week’s Sound Transit board meeting, commentary by boardmembers was focus on perceived conditions of the transit system.

Urban trail planning: Portland will use $750,000 in federal relief funding to plan the Red Electric Trail.

Combating invasive crabs: The University of Washington has been researching how to fight off invasive green crabs in Washington.

Unaffordable America: The housing affordability crisis continues to spiral widely across the United States ($).

Guaranteed income: How did a Washington, D.C. guaranteed income pilot program go?

Cowards: Oregon Republicans hilariously threatened to walk away from I-5 expansion talks if Washington passed an export fuel tax. However, some cowardly Washington Democrats have since pulled support for the tax ($).

No extension: A bid by Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant to extend the eviction moratorium failed last week.

Capitol Hill Station: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog covers plans of Summit Community Center at Capitol Hill Station.

Café streets: Pettirosso has departed Capitol Hill and with it a café street, but what can we learn from the experiment?

Most unaffordable: Miami now claims the spot for most unaffordable major housing market in the United States.

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