View from Pinnacle Peak out to Buckley. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Quiet zone: Paris’s “quiet zone” is set to move forward, calming central neighborhoods of car traffic.

Disastrous environmental review: In California, a new bill would exempt housing constructed by state colleges from environmental review ($) in response to a crisis environmental review law has created.

Subway shelter: In Ukraine, subways are being used as bomb shelters amid Putin’s attack on the country.

Rent stabilization dies: Tampa officials have dropped rent stabilization legislation over legal concerns.

Zoning Boise: Boise officials continue to look toward broad zoning reform to address the city’s affordable housing crisis.

New RPZ: A new restricted parking zone is proposed for East Capitol Hill.

Induced demand: Induced demand is difficult to explain, but important to understand in terms of transportation.

IZ: Denver is debating inclusionary zoning policy for affordable housing that echos Atlanta’s.

Charlotte transit: Charlotte’s transit agency wants more sales tax authority to improve transit in the region.

LVT: Jerusalem Demsas explains how a land value tax could address America’s housing crisis.

$600: In Washington, D.C., a new law will prevent evictions of tenants who owe a rent debt of less than $600.

SF bikeshare: San Francisco’s public bikeshare program could change in the years ahead as city officials debate its future.

Appeals process: Washington’s capital gains tax has hit a speed bump in a superior court located in a conservative county.

Equitable development: Philadelphia’s equitable development program aims to reduce gentrification in the city’s Chinatown neighborhood.

Renter protections: Seattle’s eviction moratorium is over, but what protections remain for renters?

Major league cricket: Redmond could become home to major league cricket as a facility plan proceeds forward.

Complete streets: The federal transportation department wants to push complete streets nationally but also sparked debate in the process.

14th and Union: A land deal in Capitol Hill could deliver a lot of housing on Union Street.

Housing tax incentives: To drive more affordable housing, states are looking at tax break programs for low-income housing providers.

Drunk driving: What can the safe systems approach do about drunk driving?

Redrawing districts: Seattle council districts could be significantly reshaped under proposed maps.

Resilient communities: As gas prices rise, it shows how communities built around walking, biking, and transit are more resilient.

Housing Vancouver: How is the Vancouver region leading on housing?

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