People enjoying a pedestrianized space in Den Haag in the Netherlands. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Build housing: Previous contributor to The Urbanist Ron Davis says that the only way to solve homelessness is to build more homes.

TOD WMATA: Washington, D.C. wants to develop TOD around stations to spur ridership.

Burien keeps on: Despite a lawsuit, Burien remains committed to building a permanent supportive housing project.

Ditch the car: Brussels is willing to pay people to ditch their cars.

Parking mandates: Why are parking mandates counterproductive?

It’s a highway expansion: New renderings of the I-5 highway expansion plans around the Columbia reveal new details.

Reconstitute the legislature: The Washington State Legislature is appallingly dysfunctional and broken and worse.

Manhattan’s future?: With remote work widespread, what might that mean for Manhattan ($)?

Missing middle housing: Millennials and Gen Z strongly support missing middle housing.

Protecting renters: Kenmore has taken action to protect renters ($).

Colorado goes Idaho: Colorado has passed an “Idaho stop” law.

Reduced fares: To encourage ridership, help the environment, and reduce impacts on the wall, Cork City transit fares will be reduced.

Incentivizing e-bikes: Local e-bike incentives are good, but the feds could do a lot more to encourage e-bikes.

SkyTrain plans: In Vancouver, there’s more clarity on the SkyTrain expansion alignment.

Camera enforcement: Washington, D.C.’s mayor wants to vastly expand the use of camera enforcement ($).

New police precinct?: Seattle could get a storefront police precinct in Downtown Seattle.

Redlining legacy: Redlining in Seattle has left behind a legacy of disparate pollution.

Big loophole remains: The “Light Truck Loophole” still hasn’t been closed by the USDOT.

Housing boom: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog profiles a spate of new housing projects planned for 11th Avenue E.

Urban math: Math backs dense urban cities.

NYC transportation: New York City’s council wants to go big on transit and biking.

Flights to buses: American Airlines wants to try out buses instead of flights in some markets.

H Mart!: H Mart finally opens in Capitol Hill.

Mondays: New York City subway riders don’t seem to like Mondays.

Not enough: A new state audit says that California isn’t building affordable housing quickly enough.

Watering down transit: Atlanta could downgrade rail expansion to just bus expansion.

Lime bikes: What’s new with Lime bikes in Seattle?

Better initiatives law: Fiscal impact disclosures for Washington initiatives are popular and could stop Eymanesque efforts.

Acela delayed again: New Acela trains will be delayed another 18 months ($).

Taking the lead: Formerly homeless workers will lead King County’s homelessness agency’s response work.

A new era: Pierce County wants to end homelessness.

Water art: Ballard is getting an artsy sewage pump tower ($).

Predictable outcomes: Northern Virginia plans for highway expansion would spur a lot more driving.

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