Uwajimaya in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District has been fully revamped. (Credit: The Urbanist)

Out of touch: A study shows that transit governing boards do not reflect the riders that they serve (hello, Sound Transit).

Co-living banned: In Oklahoma city, co-living rentals have been banned.

Better bus streets: Chicago is pursuing a better streets for buses program.

Rebounding ridership: Houston’s transit ridership has seen a big rebound.

What about walkability scores?: Walkability scores only tell part of the story.

People mover connection: San Diego is proposing a people mover for its main airport.

Reforming statewide zoning: Maine has passed a big statewide zoning reform bill.

Clogged up: How does climate change stress sewer systems in King County?

Setting a strategy: Fresno’s mayor has released a new housing strategy for the city.

Lithium problems: Why should lithium mining for battery electric vehicles be a last resort?

Community preference: Seattle’s first “community preference” homes have landed in the Central District.

Incentivizing e-bikes: Massachusetts is developing an e-bike incentive program.

Deep cuts needed: The United States could cut transportation carbon emissions 34% by 2030 according to a report.

Retreating from reform: Miami has changed course and reinstituted minimum parking mandates.

Say what?: A European boss of Ford wants to push people to walk or bike instead of driving.

Better building codes: Washington’s commercial building codes have been updated to require all-electric heating.

Minneapolis: Rents in Minneapolis appear to have been dropping due to zoning reforms, but the city’s zoning reforms have just hit a snag.

Green tech: How can the rollout of small nuclear power plants be sped up?

Color helps: Colorful asphalt intersections actually can reduce collisions.

Cheaper fares: Dublin has cut public transportation fares by 20%.

Better Naito: Portland’s Naito Parkway bike lanes and paths look amazing.

Rebridging the Columbia: What’s the latest with the I-5 Columbia River Crossing replacement and expansion project?

Sticks, not carrots: A study suggests that most incentives for electric vehicles in Massachusetts have no impact.

CID concerns: Chinatown-International District leaders have been critical of Link expansions alternatives in the neighborhood.

Rare and expensive: Why are condos so rare and expensive in Seattle?

Freeways kill: Why do about 20% of pedestrian deaths happen on freeways?

IZ comes to Denver: Denver has adopted an inclusionary zoning program that looks a lot like Seattle’s.

Cycling as climate solution: A study suggests that cycling is 10 times more important than electric cars for reaching net zero emissions.

Rich cityhood movement: Wealthy neighborhoods in Atlanta had sought to become their own cities but were defeated.

Aspirational for now: King County’s regional homelessness authority’s budget is more aspirational than reality right now.

Cheap ridehail is dead: The decade of cheap Uber and Lyft rides is over as the companies pivot to trying to become profitable.

Ending loud exhaust: California is targeting loud exhaust systems in cars with sound-activated camera enforcement.

Dangerous tech: Semi-autonomous vehicles hit people cycling in 33% of test runs ($).

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