A Seattle street with a painted mural on the ground. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Broadway Plan: Vancouver’s Broadway Plan has been approved.

Diversion: States are diverting road safety money away from safety programs.

Chi tree canopy: Boosters in Chicago want the city to increase tree planting and tree canopy.

Federal housing funding: The Biden administration wants to increase funding for supportive housing programs.

Disproportionate impact: Black people who bike are dying at alarmingly higher rates than White people who bike.

Olympic priorities: Los Angeles is seeking funding for transit projects ($) ahead of hosting the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Walk: Where is decriminalization of “jaywalking” happening?

Rough start: New York’s hotel-to-housing conversion program isn’t working yet.

Advisory lanes: Pittsburgh is pursuing a type of very Dutch bike lanes.

Restored: A Burlington-to-New York City train is returning to service after decades of suspension.

Fare-free extension: Tucson is extending fare-free transit to the end of year.

2055: The MTA wants the New York City Subway to be 95% accessible by 2055 ($).

NOVA: Arlington, Virginia is struggling to achieve affordable housing goals.

Ending an alternative: A promising alternative to policing could be coming to an end in Seattle.

Gentrification: Governing looks at why many poorer neighborhoods fear development.

One year in: The King County Regional Homelessness Authority director talks to Publicola on first year successes.

25,000: How did Houston move 25,000 people from the streets and into housing ($)?

Red carpet: Richmond’s bus rapid transit gets red bus lanes.

Not a silver bullet: Free transit isn’t a silver bullet to getting people to ride.

Etiquette, please: The Stranger‘s anonymous series rightly hits on the need for light rail riders to use transit etiquette.

Jumpstart remains: Seattle’s Jumpstart payroll tax remains constitutional in latest judicial decision.

Housing NYC: How might New York City tackle its housing crisis ($)?

Gateway Tunnel: The New York region’s Gateway Tunnel for rail is absolutely needed.

Too much office: Downtown San Francisco is struggling more than some numbers might suggest ($).

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