Outdoor dining spot outside of The Octopus Bar in Seattle. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Rendering better streets: A Twitter user is using the professional version of DALL-E to render better streets in cities.

New WMATA leader: Washington, D.C.’s transit agency has a new leader taking up the mantle to get it back in order ($).

Loos for people: Public access to restrooms is an important way to support walking and transit infrastructure.

Charging ahead: Decongestion pricing is still moving forward for New York City but got another delay.

Japanese expertise: British Columbia is cooperating with a Japanese company that could help deliver transportation investments.

America can’t build: Why can’t America build transportation very well?

Housing shortage worsening: America’s housing shortage is likely to get much worse before it gets better.

Vancity wants higher: Vancouver councilmembers want staff to evaluate a proposal for taller highrise buildings.

Pernicious order: A North Texas HOA has banned use of Section 8 vouchers, which disproportionately affects Black families.

St. Francis Wood: A well-to-do single-family neighborhood in San Francisco has won historic listing, but it has spurred a backlash.

Rent increases coming: Big rent increases are on the horizon for some affordable housing residents in the Seattle area.

A/C: A new Oregon law makes it easier for renters to install air conditioning units.

15-minute LA: Could Los Angeles become a 15-minute city?

Penn Station: New York City’s Penn Station redevelopment is moving forward and it’s going to be a huge investment ($).

Minneapolis 2040: Despite a damaging lawsuit, Minneapolis is being allowed to temporarily continue implementing its Minneapolis 2040 planning reforms.

Value in clean air: Clean air programs increase property values.

Public realm plans: What will downtown San Francisco’s comeback look like ($)?

Bike lane enforcement: New York City could use camera enforcement to keep bike lanes safe and clear from cars.

Landlords suing again: Washington landlords are suing again over pandemic-era protections ($).

Overcoming hurdles: How can the political hurdles that block bike lanes be overcome?

Climate action, planned: Portland has a 43-step climate action plan.

A safer SR 99: The state is allowing for lower speeds on SR 99 in South Everett ($).

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