Stairs and escalators at Den Haag Central. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

SCL rate hikes: Seattle City Light is proposing rate hikes of about 4.5% per year for 2023 and 2034 ($).

Improvement grants: Portland’s Trimet is getting a lot of state funding for improvement, how should it spend it?

Car bill: With a climate bill loss, advocates turn to other solutions for e-bike incentives.

Serve rural areas: Virginia shows how to serve rural areas with intercity transit.

VZ in Vegas: Las Vegas wants to pursue Vision Zero.

Ending exclusionary zoning: Gainesville is set to eliminate exclusionary zoning.

Tightening restrictions: Los Angeles is tightening restrictions on homeless encampments ($).

Revenue searching: As fare revenue dwindles, the NYC MTA is seeking new funding sources.

Reconnecting communities: What should you know about the “reconnecting communities” pilot program?

Back to normal: Seattle has ended hazard pay.

Racial bias: Philly wants to end racial bias in home appraisals.

Car-free pioneer: Which European city pioneered the car-free city trend?

Trends in charges: How many charges is the Seattle City Attorney filing?

People’s Park: People’s Park at UC Berkeley is a battleground over housing and the unhoused.

Death cult: Republicans want to keep roads dangerous, opposing anti-drunk driving laws.

Covering Tacoma: Tacoma has an uphill battle to increase tree canopy.

Docklands boom: Cork City greenlights a massive docklands redevelopment plan.

Hotter, drier: California’s governor outlines a plan for a hotter, drier future in the state ($).

Fare-capping: Why is fare-capping a good policy?

ADUs sought: Why is Denver struggling to build ADUs?

Orange Line suspension: Boston has closed down the Orange Line temporarily.

Meh: Miami is doubling down on a people mover expansion.

Fare-free ATL: Transit is Atlanta might go fare-free.

Urban inflation: Could inflation push people out of rural areas and into urban ones?

Decongesting NYC roads: New decongestion pricing details for New York City have come out, including potential pricing.

HSR left out: Cutting high-speed rail out of national climate legislation was a mistake.

Secure bikes: NYC bike advocates want more secure bike parking.

ATL public space: In Downtown Atlanta, parking is replaced by public space.

Defund WSDOT: Washington is tearing apart a Spokane neighborhood for cars and the impacts are heavy.

E-bikes: What is an “e-bike” anyway and where does it belong on the road?

Transit operators: Listen to the transit operators.

Risky move?: Is approval voting a risky move for Seattle?

Better bike lanes: Seattle is getting better bike lanes.

Driverless no more: Driverless shuttles at UBC have been scuttled.

Gowanus: The long-embattled Gowanus rezone in Brooklyn is moving forward again.

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