A streetcar station is under construction in Tacoma for the T Line extension. (Credit: The Urbanist)

Boston’s bike mayor: Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu is a bike commuter and planning a big rollout of protected bike lanes this year.

Ground-floor retail: What is the future of ground-floor retail?

Pre-approved plans: South Bend is supporting pre-approved house plans.

Opposition to landmarks: Denver is making it easier for people to oppose landmark designations.

Philly transit: Philadelphia has charted a transit revolution.

2035: A new cross-Hudson transit tunnel is already delayed until 2035 ($).

Crosswalk design: St. Louis doesn’t care about federal guidance on crosswalk painting schemes.

Worst in America: San José BART may be the worst transit project in America, but apparently the second phase of expansion is ready to go.

No hope: Texas is planning construction $85 billion in highways.

Post-car era: European cities continue to look toward phasing out cars in big ways.

FX Line: Take a ride on Portland’s new BRT-ish FX bus line.

Strike: Seattle public school teachers are striking after the district failed to negotiate.

Be like Virginia: Virginia’s well-funded intercity passenger rail program is seeing excellent ridership and demand.

Oops: At the start of Labor Day Weekend, Lake Washington Boulevard was still open for cars instead of people.

Hotel-apartment conversion: A hotel near Seattle’s convention center could be transformed to apartments.

DMV BRT: In the DMV, Montgomery County is looking to improve transit service with BRT.

Decongestion pricing: Vancouver’s civic election could determine the outcome of decongestion pricing.

Reducing emissions: A federal rule could require state and local governments to start restricting greenhouse gas emissions.

Parks spending: Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has a new parks spending plan.

NYC bus cuts: New York City’s cash-strapped MTA has cut bus service.

Quirkiness: Capitol Hill could get a quirky apartment development with 49 homes.

I-5 encampments: The King County Regional Homelessness Authority continues to remove encampments from I-5 in Seattle.

The Hub: San Francisco paused a substantial rezone for an equity analysis that never happened ($).

Using BikeLink: How can you use Sound Transit’s new BikeLink secured bike parking program?

Construction methods: Boston wants to eliminate fossil fuels from new construction.

Level crossings: Portland is seeking grant funding to study how to reduce railroad crossing delays.

MBTA is a cluster: Boston’s transit agency is under fire after one transit bombshell after another.

HSR expanding: California’s high-speed rail authority has approved further construction toward Bakersfield and Merced.

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