Town Hall Seattle will host Anna Zivarts (pictured left) with Barb Chamberlain and Tanisha Sepúlveda (pictured right) on May 13. (Courtesy headshots)

Join us Monday, May 13th for a 7:30pm forum with Anna Zivarts, Barb Chamberlain, Tanisha Sepúlveda at Town Hall Seattle. Panelists will discuss how we create better transportation systems that effectively factor in the needs of non-drivers. The Urbanist and other sponsors will be tabling before the event so come by and say hello.

Zivarts is author of a freshly-released book called When Driving is Not an Option: Steering Away From Car Dependency, and she is director of the Disability Mobility Initiative at Disability Rights Washington and a friend of The Urbanist. She will be joined by Barb Chamberlain, director of the Active Transportation Division of the Washington State Department of Transportation, and Tanisha Sepúlveda, program coordinator for Empower Movement WA, to explore the realities non-drivers face in a car-centric society.

The discussion will center populations that face significant financial and accessibility barriers attempting to navigate a transportation system that often ignores their needs and focuses on motorists instead. It promises to touch on the human health, environmental, and quality-of-life costs of our current systems, and what changing them to be more equitable and accessible could look like for everyone. 

 will host Anna Zivarts (pictured left) with Barb Chamberlain and Tanisha Sepúlveda (pictured right) on May 13.
Town Hall Seattle’s promotional poster for the May 13 forum. (Town Hall Seattle)

Did you know that one-third of people living in the United States don’t have a driver’s license?  

We are proud to advocate for the expansion of equitable transportation options with the goal of making it safer to get around, whether walking, rolling, biking, riding, or driving. We hope you’ll join us at this event and support transportation options in our region.

Tickets are available with a sliding scale pricing option available from Town Hall’s event page.

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