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Staff Biography

Christopher Randels

Junior Reporter

Chris is a University of Washington Environmental Sciences graduate who moved to Bellevue in 2015. When he’s not busy being an urbanist fox on the internet, he’s working on the Eastside to support efforts reducing greenhouse gas emissions and going to city council meetings to denounce the hegemony of automobile infrastructure. Follow him on Twitter at @Deutski1.

Recent Articles

Looking down NE 12th Street with a rendering of a cycletrack with painted lines, green painted boxes and flexible posts.

Bellevue Seeks Public Feedback on 15 Miles of New Bike Infrastructure

People who bike (or want to bike) in Bellevue now have the opportunity to influence the build-out of a basic bike network in the city's rapidly growing neighborhoods. At a Bellevue Transportation Commission meeting...

Anti-Housing Bellevue Council Candidate Calls Homelessness a Crime

Betsi Hummer showed her true conservative colors at a billionaire-hosted fundraiser. Lest one think that Bellevue has exclusively become the city of Amazon, Facebook, and other tech giants, old money and older names still want...
Eight One Hundred Bellevue's construction site

Bellevue City Council Advances Watered-Down Growth Alternative

Bellevue is one step closer in planning its growth for the next 20 years after a series of City Council meetings on the topic in late July. By selecting a "Preferred Alternative" for study...

Bellevue Councilmember Oversteps Authority to Block Additional Housing Capacity

In rejecting midrise zoning, Councilmember Robertson cited a handshake agreement with homeowners, worrying more homes would "unduly alarm the neighborhoods." If completing legally-mandated, once-in-a-decade planning work were a race, Bellevue would be on its way...
Microhousing building next to a single family home. Blue sky overhead and sunset lighting.

Micro-Apartments May Be Bellevue’s Next Affordability Move

At their meeting last week, Bellevue's Planning Commission initiated their discussions on a land use code amendment (LUCA) to allow more micro-apartments in the city. The work is the next step from an October...