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Staff Biography

Patrick Taylor

Education and Programming Director

Patrick Taylor grew up across the Puget Sound from Seattle and use to skip school to come hang out in the city. He is an designer at a small architecture firm with a strong focus on urban infill housing. He is passionate about design, housing affordability, biking, and what makes cities so magical. He works to advocate for abundant and diverse housing options and for a city that is a joy for people on bikes and foot. He lives in the Othello neighborhood with his wife and kitty. Follow him on Twitter @pwalchtaylor.

Recent Articles

Op-Ed: Six Ways to Improve Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan

Suggestions to improve the One Seattle plan include allow bigger buildings, embrace transit-oriented development, and jettison parking requirements. We can create a Seattle that pulls the working class in rather than pushing them out.

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Efrain Hudnell, Sarah Mills, David Postman, and Ben Maritz join our board in 2024

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My journey to urbanism took a twisted path. I grew up in rural Kitsap County, studied forest ecology, and worked in the woods of Alaska, Washington, and Oregon for 10 years in outdoor recreation...

November 14 Urbanist Talk to Tackle Comp Plan, Exclusionary Zoning, Design Review Reform

We are very excited to be joined by activist architect Matt Hutchins at the November edition of our monthly speaker series. He will help us understand the multiple land use and housing issues we...

Parking Enforcement Does Not Belong in SPD

While much of the media may have convinced itself that Seattle City Council radically defunded the police, it didn't. What Council did do was make some tweaks around the edges and engage in some...