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Author: Ryan Packer

Coalition Urges Bellevue City Council to Ramp Up Road Safety Spending

With Bellevue backsliding on many of its prior commitments to improve safety and multimodal connectivity, a coalition of advocates are trying to get things back on track. The group is seeking bigger investments in the city's next biennial budget.

Seattle Sends $1.55 Billion Transportation Levy to the November Ballot

It's official: Voters this fall will get to weigh in on whether Seattle should invest $1.55 billion over eight years to improve transportation infrastructure, with most funding allocated to road and bridge maintenance.

Metro Charts Slow RapidRide Expansion, with R Line Slipping to 2031

A long-planned RapidRide line on Rainier Avenue has been delayed to 2031, as Metro starts the process of identifying the next round of RapidRide lines to implement. Slow timelines are leaving a daily ridership boost of 19,000 on the table.

Advocates Push to Close Half-Mile Gap in Interurban Trail

For decades, the Interurban Trail in North King County and in Snohomish County have been disconnected, with a state highway between them. There's new momentum to change that.

Transportation Advocate Saunatina Sanchez Mounts Seattle Council Bid

Transportation and housing organizer Saunatina Sanchez is making a case that her background in community makes her the best choice for the Seattle City Council seat currently held by Tanya Woo.

Seattle City Council Rejects Bid for Larger Transportation Levy

The transportation levy on Seattle ballots this fall won't grow beyond $1.55 billion, despite a push by transportation advocacy groups to go bigger. A Morales-backed amendment to increase the levy's size failed Tuesday.

Rollback of Stricter Energy Code Advances to Seattle City Council

With permit applications for new apartment buildings still down in Seattle, the Harrell Administration is hoping to hit the brakes on a planned ramp-up of additional energy efficiency requirements in new buildings.

Morales Makes Last Minute Push for $1.7 Billion Transportation Levy

Councilmember Tammy Morales offered a new proposal Thursday for a $1.7 billion transportation levy that increases spending across a broad array of programs. None of her colleagues have yet backed the proposal.