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Author: Ryan Packer

Legislature Proposes Boost to Passenger Ferry Service to Vashon Island

$3.1 million for additional water taxi runs between Downtown Seattle and Vashon Island is set to be allocated by the legislature to make up for lost state ferry service to Fauntleroy.

Washington Senate Committee Guts Popular Neighborhood Cafe Bill

A popular neighborhood cafe bill that sailed through the Washington House has run into problems in the Senate, mostly dealing with the question of local control. The Association of Washington Cities and the City of Bellevue have lobbied against the bill.

Prime Stadium District Site Won’t Be Developed Until After World Cup

The WOSCA site is a publicly owned five-acre scrap next to the south portal of the SR-99 tunnel, left over from that project. It will remain an undeveloped scrap for the time being with a temporary use during the 2026 World Cup and a permanent redevelopment envisioned thereafter. Mayor Harrell is seeking bids from private developers.

State House Proposes Postponing Seattle’s 520 Lid and Trail Extension Indefinitely

State House leaders want to delay a freeway lid and multi-use trail in order to bring the overall SR 520 bridge replacement project under budget. Building those elements later would ultimately cost more and risk them being abandoned altogether.

Bellevue Official Cleared in Bike Bellevue Ethics Complaint

Franz Loewenherz, a longtime employee of Bellevue's transportation department, has been cleared of wrongdoing after an ethics investigation into his work on Bike Bellevue. The complaint was made by a project opponent, who did succeed in causing a minor delay.

What’s in the Transit-Oriented Development Bill the WA House Just Passed

Last week, the Washington House passed HB 2160, which has the potential to open up significant areas around transit for new homes. Hurdles remain to win passage in the Senate, including objections to the bill's requirement that 10% of new units be affordable.

Abbreviated East Link Grand Opening Set for April 27th

A 10am ribbon-cutting ceremony at Downtown Bellevue Station will inaugurate Eastside light rail service on April 27. 2 Line trains will run between Bellevue and Redmond in advance of full service into Seattle expected in 2025.

Redmond Swoops In To Save Kenmore’s Cancelled Low-Income Housing Project

After Kenmore backed out of the project, the Redmond City Council approved moving forward with a land transfer that will allow Plymouth Housing to construct 100 units of permanent supportive housing on a city-owned downtown parcel.