Sarah Oberklaid

Sarah is an urban planner and artist from Melbourne Australia, currently living in Seattle. She has contributed to diverse long-term projects addressing housing, transportation, community facilities, heritage and public spaces with extensive consultation with communities and other stakeholders. Her articles for The Urbanist focus on her passion for the design of sustainable, inviting and inclusive places, drawing on her research and experiences around the world.
Artist, designer and urban planner Candy Chang has conducted interactive projects in neighborhoods around the world which engage people about their thoughts on life, secrets, memories and dreams. She demonstrates the power of public spaces in allowing people to have a voice and share experiences with each other.
Jeff Speck highlights how Portland shifted its priorities in the 1970s to contain urban growth and invest in walking and cycling. The Walkable City discusses the importance of cities supporting residents to be less car dependent and enjoy more sustainable, safe and healthy lifestyles. Central Melbourne experienced decline in the 1980s, with many residents and businesses moving to the suburbs. The Cerebral City highlights approaches which revitalized the city's public spaces, including laneways, streets and gathering spaces, and supported the residential population to grow from 5 people in 1992 to 29,000 today.
"We have to show there is profit potential in projects like these…” - Lisa Picard, Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, Skanska USA, Seattle.  The design and location of Stone 34, the new global headquarters of Brooks, was envisaged as an urban “trailhead” to Seattle’s popular Burke-Gilman Trail. Learning that...
"We shouldn't fuel the future with the polluting methods of the past... We have the technology to power our future in ways that don't threaten our health or poison our planet. Let's choose to use it" ― Denis Hayes, President and CEO, Bullitt Foundation The design inspiration for the Bullitt Center, one of...