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Environment & Sustainability

Two greenish copper statues frank the entrance to the theater, which flies a Danish flag at its apex.

How Copenhagen is Leading the World in Sustainability

Denmark’s capital city is committed to curbing pollution and making it easier and safer to get around by bike or foot. Copenhagen's success has made it a global climate leader with countless accolades for sustainability and livability.

Calls Mount to End the Era of Unquestioned Highway Expansion

Washington continues to build new highways even as maintenance, safety, and community needs continue to grow. America Walks is pushing for a nationwide reconsideration of continued highway expansion.

The Battle Over Allowing More Rural Accessory Dwelling Units in Washington

Whether allowing new detached dwelling units on most lots in the state's rural areas would undermine decades of growth planning is a question that's been put front-and-center by House Bill 2126.

King County Climate Plan Needs ‘Serious Course Correction’ on Transportation

King County is falling behind on its climate goals due to a reticence to tackle transportation emissions, the top source of climate pollution in the region.

Op-Ed: The City Council Must Prioritize Climate Action Now

Climate change and global warming must join safety, homelessness, and housing at the top of the City’s agenda.   In the first Seattle City Council...

Puget Sound Leaders Not Ready to Hit Brakes on Highway Expansion

Even in the face of ambitious greenhouse gas emissions goals that remain out-of-reach, elected leaders in central Puget Sound aren't ready to rethink the...
A line out the door at the Southcenter Jolibee

How Fried Chicken Can Ruin Cities or Enrich Them

Clogging arteries is a fast food joint specialty, but good urban planning can get things flowing. You may have seen in the news that some...

Puget Sound Leaders Debate a Pivot Away from Highway Expansion

A small change around regional grant funding criteria could prove a bellwether for transportation policy in Puget Sound. Everywhere from Lynnwood to Puyallup, from Auburn...