Environment & Sustainability

A woman in a wheelchair and five other advocates at a Tacoma bus stop.

BIPOC and Disability Advocates Zero In on Highway Spending

On March 9th, advocacy organizations Front and Centered and Disability Rights Washington held the first of a series of press conferences calling for Washington...

Sunday Video: How Fracking Became America’s Money Pit

https://youtu.be/jFWHxZpF9rc It turns out that fracking is not as lucrative as it was once thought, Bloomberg Quicktake explains.
A white SUV next to a charging port.

City Light Plans Electric Car Charging Lot in the Heart of Ballard

Seattle City Light has announced plans to develop a former substation near NW Market Street and 28th Avenue NW in the Ballard Urban Village...

Vital Growth Management Bills Move to the Senate

Washington Can't Wait Week of Action is March 15th-19th. It’s the third quarter of the Washington Legislative session. The body’s major (self-imposed) hurdle has been...
Three people biking and two pedestrians wait for a long line of cars queuing on Mercer Street in South Lake Union.

Washington State Needs a New Plan for Transportation

Washington State’s transportation infrastructure has been described as “on a glidepath to failure.” Our road conditions are consistently ranked among the worst in the nation....
Protesters react with fists raised in solidarity as Nikkita Oliver takes the stage at City Hall on Wednesday June 3rd. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

This Really Is a Tipping Point Election for Seattle

Seattle's next mayor faces a tough job. The challenges staring down the city are many and navigating through multiple crises won’t be easy. The...

Sunday Video: Why Jakarta Is Sinking

https://youtu.be/Z9cJQN6lw3w The Indonesian city of Jakarta was colonized by the Dutch. Early on, the Dutch brought their canals and segregated the population, providing direct running...

Midweek Video: How Do Cities Get Enough Fresh Water?

https://youtu.be/Q1NLATszskU Dave Amos dives into the issue of water, the lifeblood of cities. He explores how climate change, over-development, and other impacts can pose challenges...