Environment & Sustainability

A rendering of towers surrounded by trees plus a helicopter.

Telosa: What We Can Learn from Utopian Myths

As a child, I watched a documentary at school about Arcosanti, a utopian city in the desert founded on the idea that environmental sustainability...

Sunday Video: The Trains That Subsidize Suburbia

https://youtu.be/vxWjtpzCIfA Jason Slaughter of Not Just Bikes shows how Toronto's GO Transit commuter rail is primarily setup to subsidize the suburbs without providing real, regular...

Dubicki: Cascadia Innovation Attempts to Overcome Cascading Climate Dangers

I want to do an even handed and dutiful reporting job about the 2021 Cascadia Innovation Corridor conference. But I’m in an downtown Vancouver...

Midweek Video: Why The United States Isn’t Ready For Clean Energy

https://youtu.be/s3ScJ_FwaZk If America wants to green up its economy, it's going to need to make huge investments in transmission facilities to transport greener energy sources....
The Capitol building in Olympia is marble colored and include pillars and a dome in the classic style.

2022 Legislative Session Preview: Next Steps Forward on Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Top goals include passing a transit-focused transportation package and reforming growth management. The impacts of climate change are upon us. Just this year, we’ve seen wildfire...
A photo of backed up car traffic on the right side of the road. Cars are approaching on the left side of the road.

Mayor Durkan Poses as Climate Mayor at COP26

The biggest challenge is implementation, Durkan said, which has been very true for her administration. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as...

Sunday Video: How The Auto Industry Carjacked The American Dream

https://youtu.be/oOttvpjJvAo Climate Town charts the history of how the car industry rapidly reset what the American Dream would be. The oppressive takeover has wrought a...
A photo of a mother with three middle school aged children riding a King County metro bus.

Seattle Expands Free Transit Passes to All Middle Schoolers

Seattle is now offering all public middle school students in Seattle free transit passes through the ORCA Opportunity program. This builds upon a program...