Council Roundup: Setting Up Defenses Against Mayoral Steamrolling

Recently, the Seattle City Council has passed a handful of bills around revenue tracking, the environment, affordable housing, and parking rates. Many of these...
Mayor Durkan in an orange vest and SDOT hard hat at a West Seattle Bridge presser.

Will Electorate Blame Mayor Durkan for Four Years of Mismanagement?

Don't say we didn't warn you. The Urbanist has been highlighting the blunders of the Durkan administration from the campaign to year one to...

‘Huge Victory’ for Tenants as King County Council Broadens Protections

In a 6-3 vote yesterday, the King County Council approved a bill greatly expanding tenant rights in unincorporated King County. Sponsors Girmay Zahilay, Jeanne...

Durkan Again Delays Racial Equity Analysis of Seattle Growth Strategy

In November 2018, Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, with the backing of housing advocates like us, succeeded in getting $500,000 added to the City budget to...
Harrell wears a blazer and gestures toward tents in the background.

Durkan and Harrell Pressure Seattle Public Schools to Remove Homeless Encampments

Former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell held a mayoral campaign event Friday in front of a homeless camp on a playfield at Broadview-Thomson...

Seattle Rescue Plan Funds Permanent Stay Healthy Streets, Homeless and Housing Priorities

Last week, the "Seattle Rescue Plan" was announced by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Council President M. Lorena González, and Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda. This plan...

Seattle Keeps Growing Despite the ‘Dying’ Pronouncements

Conservatives keep saying Seattle is dying, but repetition hasn't made it true. Despite the gloom and doomsday pronouncements, Seattle is very much alive and...

Homeless Advocates Launch Campaign Against ‘Compassion Seattle’ Charter Amendment

Recently on a cool May afternoon, a group of protestors gathered in Victor Steinbrueck Park brandishing signs that read "Sweeps Bring No Compassion" and...