Homeless Advocates Launch Campaign Against ‘Compassion Seattle’ Charter Amendment

Recently on a cool May afternoon, a group of protestors gathered in Victor Steinbrueck Park brandishing signs that read "Sweeps Bring No Compassion" and...

Dow Constantine Makes Case for Fourth Term Built on Coalition Building Chops

King County Executive Dow Constantine is seeking a fourth term. His campaign war chest is vast and slate of endorsements is impressive, but for...

Op-ed: How to Improve Compassion Seattle’s Charter Amendment

Author’s Note: I eventually changed my mind and moved from the ambivalent support you see below to firm opposition. Two reasons were paramount: CA29’s use of...

Sunday Video: Skid Row, Explained

https://youtu.be/rKo8Sv99MkM Los Angeles’ Skid Row was not an inevitability, it was a policy. Johnny Harris explains how this district of tragic poverty came to be....

Burgess Charter Amendment Would Swipe Revenue and Credit for Payroll Tax He Opposed

Former Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess is back with a charter amendment setting a host of new mandates around homelessness, none of them funded...
A row of skyscrapers behind a row of trees at a Bellevue park.

A Perspective from the City Across the Lake

It was fitting for my first full day in the Pacific Northwest to start off with a cold and rainy January morning. As I...

Coalition Urges Mayor to Extend the Eviction Moratorium

At month's end, the eviction moratorium is scheduled to expire, which would put thousands of tenants at risk. A broad coalition spearheaded by the...
Mayor Durkan with Ferris wheel and Seattle waterfront in background

Durkan Is Botching Homelessness Policy and Blaming Journalists for the News

“My constituents are mad. All of Seattle is mad, and to be honest, I’m mad too," Councilmember Tammy Morales said in a statement Friday....