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Sunday Video: The Art of the Autoluw

0 Not Just Bikes explores the Dutch concept of low car streets (autoluw). They’re another tool to prioritize people and make them feel welcome on...
Aerial photo of the University of Washington overlooking a fountain, with Rainier Vista at its center

An Urbanist’s Guide to the U District Station Area

Already the destination for many transit riders, the U District Station offers the most reasons to visit for light rail riders on its opening,...
Five hot air balloons at Green Lake Park's eastern fields. This was taken during 2018 annual Pathway of Lights.

An Urbanist’s Destination Guide to the Roosevelt Station Area

With the Northgate link light rail extension coming online, tens of thousands of additional daily riders are estimated to use the region's light rail...
Photo of the eastern facade of the Kraken Community Iceplex

An Urbanist’s Destination Guide to the Northgate Station Area

From ice skating to disc golf, the Northgate Station area offers activities to work up an appetite, as well as globe-spanning cuisine to satisfy...

Seattle Storm Win Early Approval for New Training Facility

City Council Land Use Committee votes to exempt proposed Interbay site from zoning rules. On Friday, the Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee of the Seattle...

Midweek Video: How Chicago Built an Amazing Lake Shore

0 The story of how Chicago got its famed waterfront lakeshore parks is a true saga with a series of battles and efforts. Wealthy elites,...
A pedestrian bridge over a waterfront highway

Two Very Different Pedestrian Bridges Coming to the Seattle Waterfront

The overhaul of the Seattle Waterfront, while not exactly close to completely wrapping up, is starting to take shape before our eyes. With work...
The Richmond Night Market

Regular Night Markets Are a Natural Addition to Seattle

With over a year of Stay Healthy Streets and Café Streets, Seattleites have become accustomed and even approving of the pedestrianization and expanded use...