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Seattle Extends Cafe Streets Program through October 2021

After a long delay to start the program, the City of Seattle announced an even longer extension for restaurants and businesses to continue using...

Lake Washington Boulevard Should Be Permanently Car-Free

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is loosing the cars on Lake Washington Boulevard on Monday, but it should stay an open street permanently...

Lynnwood Light Rail Construction Ramps Up, Temporarily Closing Trails

As soon as September 14th, Sound Transit construction in Lynnwood will temporarily close two trails: the Interurban Trail and Scriber Creek Trail. The closure will...

City Will Start Emergency Dismantling of Pier 58 within Two Weeks

Impatient for "The Big One," Pier 58 decided to follow the West Seattle Bridge's lead and started slipping in to the sound. Seattle Parks...
Downtown Bellevue viewed from the east with I-405 chasm setting off Wilburton. Seattle skyline and Lake Washington in the background. (

Bellevue Weighing Options for New I-405 Interchange in South Downtown

A new freeway interchange is likely on the way south of Downtown Bellevue. The City of Bellevue is partnering with the Washington State Department...
Clouds crown Mount Rainier as a few cars stop for passengers to take in the view.

Mount Rainier National Park Seeks Input to Guide Access Upgrades

To meet growing visitation to Mount Rainier National Park, the National Park Services (NPS) is pondering changes to the Nisqually to Paradise corridor. Between,...
Pedestrians enjoy landscaping in this architect rendering.

Downtown Bellevue Needs a Bigger Freeway Lid

Removing I-405's NE 8th Street cloverleaf interchange would free up space to extend the planned "Grand Connection" lid northward. A dozen cars idle before a...

Sunday Video: Skateboarding’s Legendary Spots

0 Skateboarding as a recreational activity and sport mostly started in cities using unique bits of infrastructure and public space to bring creativity and excitement...