Sunday Video: The Stroad, Explained

https://youtu.be/ORzNZUeUHAM What are stroads and why are they so inefficient, dangerous, and ugly? Not Just Bikes explains.

Sunday Video: Living Car-Free Made Easy

https://youtu.be/OObwqreAJ48 Jason Slaughter of Not Just Bikes explains how carsharing can be a good supplement for people who occasionally need a car but otherwise rarely...

Midweek Video: US Streets Are Dangerous, We Can Fix Them

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXbUlQ9Yjk4 Why are American streets so dangerous and what can we do about them? PBS looks at the growing American epidemic of dangerously designed streets...

Rebuilt Fairview Avenue Bridge Opens Saturday with Walking and Rolling Event

After years of construction and reroutes for people using all modes, the replacement for the Fairview Avenue N is finally about to open. The...

Sunday Video: How To Design Streets For Everyone

https://youtu.be/8mh-GTlvf0w Dave Amos talks about how the principle of universal design as applied to street design can make streets better for all users.

Newly Released Maps Reveal Futility of Proposed Modal Integration Policy

Seattle's 2013 Bicycle Master Plan is by far the most ambitious of Seattle's approved multimodal plans. If it were entirely built out, a random...

Sunday Video: Cities Aren’t Loud, Cars Are Loud

https://youtu.be/CTV-wwszGw8 Not Just Bikes explores noise in cities and the impacts to people. A key point of the video is just how much noise cars...

Final Stretch of Protected Bike Lanes Around Green Lake Put On Hold

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced that work has been paused on the final segment of arterial street repaving in its Green...