Midweek Video: Common Design Flaws in Bike Lanes

https://youtu.be/lYsO1uvL5MA Many bike lanes include flawed designs. Cheddar looks at this issue and some ways to make them better and safer for people biking.
teal streetcar in Pioneer Square with Smith Tower and other buildings

Center City Streetcar Dominates at Initial Transportation Budget Discussion

A discussion on possible changes to Mayor Durkan's proposed budget for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) was dominated Friday by further relitigating of...
A photo shows an roadway leading to an airport terminal. Colors are used to identify where the roadway will be expanded.

Port of Seattle Commission Taps Brakes on Arrivals Drive Expansion

The Port of Seattle's plan to significantly expand the capacity of the main arrivals drive at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) hit a speedbump in...
A woman wearing a red jacket and face mask rides her power wheelchair in the road with a person walking behind her and a car approaching.

Week Without Driving, a Challenge with a Purpose

During October 22nd through 29th, Disability Rights Washington is asking drivers to ditch their cars and expand their knowledge of navigating the world by...

Sunday Video: The Art of the Autoluw

https://youtu.be/GlXNVnftaNs Not Just Bikes explores the Dutch concept of low car streets (autoluw). They’re another tool to prioritize people and make them feel welcome on...

West Seattle Bridge Agreement Gives Port of Seattle Leverage Over Planned Bike Connection

As the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) moves forward with plans to repair the West Seattle Bridge, it is working to assemble full funding...

Midweek Video: Highways Almost Destroyed Amsterdam via Plan Jokinen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI5pbDFDZyI In the 1960s, Amsterdam briefly was sold on a highway urban renewal project designed by an American planner David Jokinen. It would have destroyed...

Greenwood Set to Get First Permanent ‘Healthy Street’ Upgrades

Beacon Hill, Delridge, Highland Park, and Bell Street Park are next up for permanent upgrades after Greenwood. In the next few weeks, the Seattle Department...