A picture of a person on a scooter and e-bike riding past a car with the caption 'tired of waiting in traffic? Lime will get you there.'


Sunday Video: What’s So Good About Decongestion Pricing

New York City's decongestion pricing program has hit an unexpected roadblock with the state's governor unilaterally imposing an indefinite pause. But decongestion pricing holds...

Sunday Video: How To Retrofit Stroads in the Suburbs

America's suburbs are a land filled with stroads -- street/road hybrids that are expensive to build and dangerous to use. Some communities want more...

Seattle Transforms Alki Point Street with Added Walking and Rolling Space

The newly transformed section of Beach Drive SW has turned walkers and rollers into priority users while still allowing vehicle access. Meanwhile, a coalition allied around parking concerns continues to plot a way to undo the safety project.
The view of Aurora looking south toward the downtown skyline.

Op-Ed: Redesigning Aurora Avenue for Pedestrians, Bikes, and Rapid Buses

SDOT seems to assume Aurora Avenue cannot accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, cars, and freight simultaneously, but this design proposal that will do just that. In the process, it'd make the deadly corridor much safer for all users.
An airy train station with a glass ceiling held by steel latticework.

Torpedoing NYC Decongestion Tolls Would Be National Setback

New York had been all geared up to become the first American city to implement congestion pricing later this month until Governor Kathy Hochul announced a stunning reversal, saying she intended to shelve the program on Wednesday. Transit riders and climate advocates are fighting back and aiming to block the move.
The Seattle skyline rises above the I-5 freeway trench in South Downtown.

Op-Ed: Seattle Transportation Levy Should Seek to Undo Harm from Highways

A citywide coalition has proposed a $40 million package to advance ongoing projects like designing I-5 lids in multiple neighborhoods (supporting new street connections, parks, and affordable housing), remaking Aurora Avenue for safer crossings, and reconnecting the Duwamish Valley community around SR 99.
An aerial photo shows Tacoma's waterfront separated from its downtown towers by its elevated I-705 freeway.

New Tacoma Waterfront Park Begs for I-705 Freeway Removal

Melanie LaPlant Dressel Park opened on April 11 as a beautiful park far away from the rest of the city. An elevated, wide ribbon of concrete — the roaring I-705 freeway — separates the park from its users. Tacoma should remove this barrier.

Sunday Video: What Is The ‘Correct’ Speed Limit?

Jason Slaughter of Not Just Bikes dives into why lower speeds limits are good society and what the best speed limits are for cities....