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Sunday Video: All The Ways Car Dependency Make Things Worse

Ray Delahanty of CityNerd goes through a litany of reasons why car dependency makes American society worse off from public health and environmental quality...

Harrell Proposes Modest $1.35 Billion Transportation Levy Renewal

The mayor's levy proposal is focused on preserving the existing car-focused system rather than promising transformative changes. Advocates asked for at least $1.7 billion focused on pedestrians, bikes, and transit, but didn't get it.

Daily Paid Parking Is Coming to Some Sound Transit Lots

Up to 10 Sound Transit-owned parking facilities -- including at all Link station parking facilities -- could see daily paid parking begin around the time that the Lynnwood Link Extension opens.

Washington’s State Transportation Budget Faces Multiple Time Bombs

The final piece of the decades-long replacement of the SR 520 bridge will move forward thanks to funding authorized this year, but Washington State's overall transportation budget is on rockier ground.

Aurora Avenue Is Seattle’s Pass/Fail Test on Vision Zero

The current attempt to reshape how Aurora Avenue operates represents a phenomenal test for the City of Seattle. Is its pledge to end traffic deaths real or just for show?

Op-Ed: Here’s How We Can Fix Aurora Avenue – From People Who Might Know

Aurora Avenue should have a continuous design with safe sidewalks, crossings, bike lanes, and center-running bus lanes to speed up the E Line. Aurora Reimagined Coalition had a design that does all that. Fill out SDOT's survey to back the idea.

Sound Transit Snags Federal Grant for South King County Bus Stations

The federal programs are aimed at repairing past harms from transportation infrastructure, but the two long-planned Stride stations leave much unrepaired. Sound Transit has...
Steps are taking shape even with the concrete not yet poured. The Seattle skyline peeks in the background.

Seattle Waterfront Park Project Finally Enters Its Home Stretch

A new aquarium and "Overlook Walk" to Pike Place Market headline a revamped Seattle Waterfront just one year away from its grand opening, all made possible by tearing down the Alaskan Way Viaduct.