A birds eye view of Downtown Seattle from the south with the I-5 and I-90 spaghetti interchange dominating the frame.

It’s a Car Car World–We Just Live in It

The car is an amazing machine. So amazing, that with a little help from cheap portable fuel and a flood of public investment in...

Saving Salmon Will Require a Transportation Revolution

A new study shows a preservative in car tires is responsible for collapsing Coho salmon runs, adding new urgency to efforts to reduce the...

Sunday Video: Can We Make Cities Car-Free?

https://youtu.be/g9-9CxCxrVE Dave Amos looks at how cities across the globe are making streets and districts car-free. He also explains how this is improving economic and...

Five Road Widening Myths That Are Delaying Climate Action

These convenient excuses help your transportation department justify widening and adding highways--but they're dead wrong. We put our environmental values right into our name in...

Midweek Video: SR-520 Aerial Tour

https://youtu.be/7540qHh-ozQ The Washington State Department of Transportation provides an aerial overview of the SR-520 project affecting Montlake and Portage Bay.

SDOT Is Deploying New Stay Healthy Streets Signage, but Permanent Installation Plan Still Unfunded

On Monday, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced that Stay Healthy Streets--streets that are highly restricted to car traffic to provide space for...

Sunday Video: Should “Jaywalking” Be Legal?

https://youtu.be/_MpV7w6NxFE Dave Amos explains how automobile interests fought against pedestrian rights by concocting "jaywalking". He also argues that "jaywalking" should be legal.

GIG Car Share Expands Homearea and Micromobility Options Grow in Seattle

After five months in the Seattle market, GIG Car Share is expanding the homearea for its vehicles. The expansion increases the homearea from 13...