A photo of an illuminated escalator leading down to a light rail platform.

Northgate Link Light Rail Expansion: How We Arrived

The history of Link light rail was writ large on the Northgate Link's opening day. The entry point for my first ride to Northgate Station...
A woman wearing a red jacket and face mask rides her power wheelchair in the road with a person walking behind her and a car approaching.

Week Without Driving, a Challenge with a Purpose

During October 22nd through 29th, Disability Rights Washington is asking drivers to ditch their cars and expand their knowledge of navigating the world by...

Sunday Video: The Art of the Autoluw

0 Not Just Bikes explores the Dutch concept of low car streets (autoluw). They’re another tool to prioritize people and make them feel welcome on...
Brooklyn Avenue looking north with UW Tower on the left and a new 24-story tower rising behind the Graduate Hotel.

U District Is a Hive of Construction Activity as Light Rail Arrives

Northgate Link, which just opened as of today, has already transformed the neighborhoods surrounding the three stations on the extension. Northgate Station still does...

It’s Official: Northgate Link Is Open

At 4:51am this morning, the Northgate Link extension officially opened to the public. Many riders were in attendance for the occasion rising to cheers,...
Aerial photo of the University of Washington overlooking a fountain, with Rainier Vista at its center

An Urbanist’s Guide to the U District Station Area

Already the destination for many transit riders, the U District Station offers the most reasons to visit for light rail riders on its opening,...

Seattle’s RapidRide G Line Breaks Ground

The long-awaited RapidRide G Line project is finally getting underway. The 2.1-mile line will run from 1st Avenue in Downtown Seattle to Martin Luther...
A photo of a worker standing on a ladder and stenciling welcome on to the exterior wall of the U District light rail station.

Celebrate Northgate Link Light Rail Expansion with Opening Day Events

It isn't every day that a city welcomes three new light rail stations that will provide thousands of people easy access to the magic...