West Seattle Bridge Agreement Gives Port of Seattle Leverage Over Planned Bike Connection

As the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) moves forward with plans to repair the West Seattle Bridge, it is working to assemble full funding...
Five hot air balloons at Green Lake Park's eastern fields. This was taken during 2018 annual Pathway of Lights.

An Urbanist’s Destination Guide to the Roosevelt Station Area

With the Northgate link light rail extension coming online, tens of thousands of additional daily riders are estimated to use the region's light rail...
A photo of a bright red streetcar.

The Case for Streetcar Lines to Magnolia and Fremont

In an earlier article, I argued Seattle should expand its streetcar network and ensure high quality service with dedicated transit lanes starting in Belltown....

Midweek Video: Highways Almost Destroyed Amsterdam via Plan Jokinen

0 In the 1960s, Amsterdam briefly was sold on a highway urban renewal project designed by an American planner David Jokinen. It would have destroyed...

Fractures Appear at PSRC as $901 Million in Transit Funding Is Allocated

Pierce County representatives argued that transit riders in their districts are being left behind by the Puget Sound Regional Council and the state. In what...
A photo shows a road with a bike lane.

Catch Up on Development in the Roosevelt Station Area

When we last covered new development coming to the Roosevelt Station area, the Link light rail Northgate extension was still over two years away...

After Years of Delay, 4th Avenue Protected Bike Lane Opens Downtown

This past weekend, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) crews marked out a protected bike lane on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle, extending the existing...
Photo of the eastern facade of the Kraken Community Iceplex

An Urbanist’s Destination Guide to the Northgate Station Area

From ice skating to disc golf, the Northgate Station area offers activities to work up an appetite, as well as globe-spanning cuisine to satisfy...