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Sunday Video: A Race to Seven Modes in Seattle

1 Dave Amos visited Seattle very recently and rode seven kinds of transit in Seattle. He wanted to see how long it would take to...

Photo Tour of Sound Transit’s New Operations and Maintenance Facility East

Excitement has long been building for Sound Transit's many system expansions that are due over the next few years. With the agency's extension of...

Dow Constantine Makes Case for Fourth Term Built on Coalition Building Chops

King County Executive Dow Constantine is seeking a fourth term. His campaign war chest is vast and slate of endorsements is impressive, but for...

Sound Transit Gets New Trains Ahead of Northgate Link’s October 2nd Debut

The more you look at the new Link train’s face, the harder it is to discern exactly what emotion it’s trying to express. Is...
A construction stands on the underground station platform at Roosevelt Station.

Sound Transit 3’s Affordability Gap Shrinks to $7.9 Billion, So What’s Next?

In some encouraging news yesterday, Sound Transit shared an updated financial outlook for Sound Transit 3 (ST3). Revised projections show that the program affordability...
The new Northgate Station where light rail vehicles are being tested for a fall opening. (Sound Transit)

ST3: How to Get the Best Value Amid a Budget Crunch

With an $11.5 billion funding crunch and cost escalations in the Sound Transit 3 program, it’s clear that some cutbacks and delays may be...
Mockup of what new overhead wayfinding signs will look like at Westlake Station. (Sound Transit)

Sound Transit Updates Station Wayfinding and Seattle Implements New Street Wayfinding

As the Puget Sound Region comes out of a year's-long pandemic hibernation, local agencies are hard at work improving the wayfinding system for people...

How To Build a Faster, Better Everett Link

Since the creation of the Sound Transit in 1996, taxpayers of the Snohomish County subarea have had the least realized transit benefit for the...