Link light rail

A rendering shows the potential and planned projects at Northgate Station, formerly Northgate Mall.

With Light Rail’s Arrival, Northgate Urban Center Takes Shape

Transportation infrastructure for walking and biking in the Northgate Station area has received a boost as Link light rail arrives in the neighborhood. With...

A Peek Inside the Northgate Link Light Rail Station

Yesterday, we showed you inside U District Station, and now here's Northgate. On October 2nd, Northgate Station will become the northern terminus of Sound...
A photo of an underground light rail station platform. A man walks away from the camera. The train tracks are empty.

A Peek Inside the U District Link Light Rail Station

After opening to the public on October 2nd, the U District Link light rail station is expected to receive the lion's share of the...

Metro and Sound Transit Unveil Proposed East Link Bus Restructure

Author's Note: Some information in this article has been updated based upon new information from King County Metro. Several pieces of information are still...
A view of an elevated light rail track with a train approaching.

Seattleites Support a New Funding Measure to Expand Light Rail, Poll Finds

This summer in the lead up to decision-making on whether or not to delay projects promised in the Sound Transit 3 measure, the Northwest...

Midweek Video: Lynnwood Link Construction Progress from Above

0 Progress on the Lynnwood Link light rail extension is going well. This video offers an aerial view of light rail construction and new developments...
A photo of an elevated Link light rail line over a street.

A Transit Rider’s Guide to the Northgate Link Light Rail Extension

What you need to know about transit service and special events for the Northgate extension opening on October 2nd. It's a mere two and a...
A photo of a King County Metro bus pulling into a bus station on a tree-lined street.

2021 Fall Transit Service Changes Are Coming to Puget Sound Agencies

The fall service changes are coming to transit agencies across Puget Sound. They won't all happen at the same but there are some very...