Snohomish County suburban sprawl. A view of 192 Place SE located within the unincorporated Bothell urban growth area. This is one of many private streets in this development, a mechanism that allows for the construction and upkeep of the road to be placed on homeowners associations instead of a municipality. (Photo by Ray Dubicki)

Trump’s Desperate Suburban Appeal Underscores Need for Fair Housing and Zoning Reform

Donald Trump is losing the suburbs, but he has a plan and wants "Suburban Housewives" to know it. The plan will be familiar to...

Another Interbay Transportation Study Is a Lesson in Omission

Here’s the problem. Sitting through a presentation about the Ballard Interbay Regional Transportation (BIRT) Study, one finds themselves cheering for terrible options.  The issues are...

Dear Seattle Council: Please Double STBD Bus Funding

The Seattle City Council is about to vote on the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD) and decide the measure that appears on the ballot...

What is the “Right Size” for the Seattle Transportation Benefit Tax?

On Monday, Seattle City Councilmembers will decide whether a 0.1% or 0.2% sales tax goes before voters in November. Their decision will impact transit...
Sharlett Mena is running in LD29, position 2. (Image courtesy of Mena campaign)

2020 Endorsement Questionnaire: Sharlett Mena, LD29-2

The Urbanist Elections Committee based our endorsement decisions on questionnaires we wrote and invited state legislature candidates in the Seattle metropolitan region to fill out....
Cindy Ryu

Cindy Ryu 2020 Endorsement Questionnaire – State House District 32, Position 1

The Urbanist Elections Committee invited candidates in the Seattle metropolitan region to fill out our questionnaire and participate in our endorsement process. We based our...

Puget Sound Passenger-Only Ferry Study Underway, 15 Routes Currently Shortlisted

The passenger-only ferry (POF) system is set to grow in Puget Sound with the introduction of new service between Southworth and Seattle, making it...

Pierce Transit Charts 198% Growth in Long-Range Plan Update

Pierce Transit has a vision of growth, but it will take a substantial amount of additional public investment to realize. A long-range plan update,...