A fascinating look at the change in Seattle’s skyline and the future Fifth & Columbia project (due in 2016).

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  1. Great video! Architectural renderings and animation have come a long way.

    I hosted a conference a couple years ago where Daniels was a keynote, and he talked in particular about this project. The design used to be a much more radical cantilever over the church next door, and now it looks a little more subtle. The bit of stone facade in the glass wall on 5th is a neat incorporation of history.

  2. Any news from this project? The design review was in 2008, this video is dated over a year old, and I would think the recently announced Rainier Square project would absorb some of the demand for a new tall building downtown. I’d love to see it built (more than almost any other project), but I question whether the 2016 date is real.

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