The Puget Sound from above, courtesy of Doc Searls.
The Puget Sound from above, courtesy of Doc Searls.

Making doughnuts: A look at 66 metro regions shows that a inner cities are doing much better than inner suburbs, although a doughnut effect is taking hold.

Disparate tastes: Who knew Girl Scout Cookies differed so greatly in taste and quality depending upon where you live.

Overburdened suburbs: The cost of sprawl is more than twice the cost of compact development.

Getting restructuredSeattle Transit Blog details some of the University Link restructure plan, more to come this week. We covered this earlier in the week.

New micros: A Capitol Hill apartment could soon be converted to microhousing.

You’re all wrong: Why the left and the right are both wrong on affordable housing.

Octopus down!: An octopus at the Seattle Aquarium almost got away. Almost. Meanwhile, the Seattle City Council will let the Woodland Park elephants move to Oklahoma ($).

Challenging affordabilityDevelopers mount a challenge to stop the City of Seattle from adopting a linkage fee on new development.

An inconsistency: A city council candidate that wants to stop foreclosure on homes bought a foreclosed home.

Violators beware: Parking in bike lane? You might just find your car with bike lane paint on it in Germany.

Sprawl fallout: How sprawl is deeply hurting cities like Tacoma in Pierce County.

Stalling out: Seattle’s bike plummeting bike collision rate may be stalling out.

Still No. 1: New York still rounds out the top for the most economically powerful city in the world, check out the rankings.

Saving the rentals: Berlin is banning rental conversions to condos because the supply of rentals is dwindling quickly.

Launching the streetcar: City officials want to get the streetcar on First Hill moving soon, and to do that, they plan to incentivize the manufacture to expedite delivery ($).

Not good enough: The Design Review Board wants to see a better plan for the Whole Foods block in First Hill.

Designing Capitol Hill: How the Pike Pine Urban Neighborhood Council fits into the planning process for historic Capitol Hill. Is there really a part for them to play?

Transpo failure: The brief synopsis of the politics at play in the Washington State Legislature for a transportation package.

Rent burdened: Understanding New York City’s rent affordability problem.

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