12th Ave and E Yesler Way (Anthem) Pronto Station
12th Ave and E Yesler Way (Yesler Terrace) Pronto Station

Pronto is getting a new station in Yesler Terrace at 12th Ave and E Yesler Way. This station represents the first expansion of Pronto’s service area. It isn’t much, but it will be a welcome addition to people east of Downtown and south of First Hill. It also serves a socio-economically challenged area of the city and the first step toward bringing bikeshare equity to the city. Anthem on 12th, a new apartment in the neighborhood, is sponsoring the station.

Terry Ave and Stewart St Pronto Station
Terry Ave and Stewart St (Denny Triangle) Pronto Station

Meanwhile, Seattle Children’s Research Institute is helping to fill in a big gap in the Denny Triangle. The station sponsored by the organization will be located in the heart of the growing neighborhood at the intersection of Terry Ave and Stewart St. With the addition of the Yesler Terrace and Denny Triangle stations to the bikeshare network, Pronto will now offer 52 stations to access bikes across the city.

Temporary relocation of Pronto station.
Temporary relocation of Pronto station.

Also, Pronto riders in the University District will want to take note of this: Pronto will temporarily move a station at NE 43rd St and University Way for a neighborhood street fair over the weekend. Riders can find the station relocated to NE 42nd St and University Way (in front of Starbucks). The station will be moved back to NE 43rd St (in front of the Häagen-Dazs) next week.

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