Pronto made a very quiet bike share station change last week. A new station is now located at the Montlake Triangle. The station has capacity for 14 11 bikes and was originally located next to McCarty Hall, a University of Washington dormitory in the northern portion of campus. The move should greatly improve access for Pronto riders due to major destinations and facilities within walking and biking distance:

  • Two major bus stops are located within a half block of the bike share station;
  • The UW Medical Center and other health science buildings are directly across the street;
  • Montlake Triangle has direct access to the Burke-Gilman Trail; and
  • Husky Stadium and UW athletic centers are just across Montlake Boulevard.

This station change is especially useful for employees and visitors at UW Medicine who are likely to make trips along the Burke-Gilman Trail or go to and from the heart of the University District. Previously, the nearest station was located on NE Columbia Rd between the Ocean Sciences Building and west wing of the Magnuson Health Sciences Center. The walk isn’t exactly short (4 minutes) and rides in and out require crossing busy streets with steep inclines. That station will remain, but for many the new station will be in a more obvious and direct location.

New Montlake Triangle Pronto bike share station.
New Montlake Triangle Pronto bike share station.

For bus riders who might want to switch to Pronto here, the benefits could also be huge. Those who may otherwise walk to the main University of Washington campus will now be able to bike across. And residents and employees near the University Village and Children’s Hospital Pronto bike share stations have another choice over lengthy walks or bus rides.

University District Pronto Stations
University District Pronto bike share stations. (Google Maps)

Admittedly, the only real downside of this bike share station location is that it will still be a 4-minute walk to the University of Washington subway station opening early next year.

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Kathy Dunn

Does it say something about Seattle that the Link station is by the sports arena, IMA and hospital instead of the cultural center (Meany Hall/Red Square nearly a mile away)? Once the UW Link opens, please put a Pronto station right next to the Link station, not 4 minutes walk away. And please make sure there is another close to Meany Hall. I will bike there in my concert clothes.


Ideally there is a station right next to the station AND next to the Burke Gilman, but right now I think this station placement works well, as well as for the UW Medical Center.

UW was pretty adamantly opposed to having a station directly under their campus,which is bewildering in its tone-deafness, with the massive parking lots on campus. But it is now a moot point. We’re getting a Husky stadium station and a 45th Street station.


For those commuting from Cap Hill or further south (and who use Pronto) the Stadium Station is now a much more viable terminus for the UW campus. Great move.

Alicia A. Halberg

It’s McCarty, not McCarthy. Named after the first graduate of the University, and the first woman superintendent of Pierce Country School District. The residence halls in that area will be replaced over the next few years. I don’t believe McCarty Hall is occupied right now.


Thank you for pointing this out. We’ve made the fix.