On Saturday, more than 175,000 people in Seattle joined to raise their voices against the new President of the United States over wide ranging issues like civil and human rights, racism, sexism and misogyny, tribal self-determination, sexual assault, women’s health, gay and transgender rights, social justice, climate change, healthcare, immigration, workers’ rights, and religious freedom–just to name a few. The Seattle Womxn’s March was coordinated with scores of other marches in places all across America–from Hattiesburg, MS and Cody, WY to Chicago and Washington, D.C.–and dozens more abroad. In Washington state, more than 20 different marches were held in places like Walla Walla, Spokane, Longview, Olympia, and Bellingham. The coordinated marches make them far and away the largest mobilized political demonstration in United States history with some estimates putting the number of participants over four million.

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