Delayed results: While the annual homeless count took place this week, the official tally to be released is months away.

Safer ways: Councilmember Rob Johnson wants a street safety plan ready by Valentine’s Day for NE 65th St while Councilmember Mike O’Brien is demanding that a decision be made on the Missing Link.

Up in the air: With Congress and Trump running amok with uncertain tax policy, affordable housing is already taking a serious hit.

Regressive vision: Washington Republicans want to take a progressive tax option away by prohibiting an income tax.

Green light?: A controversial project in Madison Valley appears ready to move forward.

Liar-in-Chief: Contrary to Trump, murders in Washington, D.C. are not way up.

Sticking to legislation: Councilmember Mike O’Brien formally rules out a run for mayor.

No more guessing: Real-time arrival data for Link is now available online and through mobile apps.

Pain ahead: How could transit agencies cope with a sudden loss of federal funds?

Catching baddies: To catch unsafe drivers, London cops will go undercover on bike and plain clothes.

Identity crisis: On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the International District struggles to retain its identity as change takes hold.

Boondoggle: A Wisconsin highway project in Milwaukee is 100% over budget.

No vacation homes: Paris is going to triple the tax on owning a second home in the city.

BikeshareUSA: All 119 American bikeshare system ranked by size; Seattle’s soon-to-be-retired system is #21.

Go green: Elon Musk tells the White House that America needs a carbon tax.

Conflict of interest: Trump wants to add hotels across the country, including one in Seattle.

Rise high: Two new towers in Bellevue are going up.

Bold expansion: Support for city-wide bikeshare in New York City is finding a growing coalition.

Divided health: The death rate gap between rural and urban in Washington hits an all-time high.

Lunar New Year: The First Hill Streetcar will be free to riders this weekend.

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