Another month, another meetup with The Urbanist! Our meetups are open to all and free to attend, so come by if you want to meet us or get into the weeds of urban policy. We’ll be at a new location, Elephant & Castle on Tuesday, May 9th, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. You can find us in the billiards room on the lower level. Our guest speaker will start at 6.30pm.

LOCATION CHANGE: Please note this event is at our new location, Elephant & Castle, located at 1415 Fifth Avenue.

Our guest speaker this month is Cynthia Brothers, the writer behind Vanishing Seattle.

Cynthia started Vanishing Seattle in 2016 to document the displaced and disappearing homes, small businesses, cultures, and communities of Seattle–often due to redevelopment and gentrification. She contributes to The Seattle Globalist, organizes with the CID Coalition, and has worked in immigrant rights, online organizing, and arts & culture. Being from Seattle, she’ll readily admit to local clichés like playing in bands and once making espresso for a living, and is proud she went to high school where Bruce Lee first demonstrated his “one-inch punch.” You can find Vanishing Seattle on social media and

We hope to see you there!

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Scott Bonjukian has degrees in architecture and planning, and his many interests include neighborhood design, public space and streets, transit systems, pedestrian and bicycle planning, local politics, and natural resource protection. He cross-posts from The Northwest Urbanist and leads the Seattle Lid I-5 effort. He served on The Urbanist board from 2015 to 2018.