Unwillingness to perform: What does an anti-transit federal government look like?

Joy of play returns: “Risky” playgrounds are making a comeback.

Going green: Kroger is ending the use of plastic bags ($) at its stores in and around Seattle.

Nextgen bikeshare: Limebikes, Uber, and Lyft all want in on Seattle’s new permanent private bikeshare program.

Just like smoking: According to a study, America’s love-affair with car culture is shortening the lives of people.

Rent burdenless: Despite rising housing prices, Seattle’s share of mortgage-free households still rises ($).

NYC building boom: A real-time map captures the construction taking shape in New York City ($).

Children left behind: In North Carolina, politicians cut safety programs for kids in favor of highway funding.

Not just for bikes?: Is it time to rethink the “bike lane”?

Life-saving decision: The Washington State Supreme Court reverses a lower appeals court to restore an anti-gun violence initiative to the November ballot ($).

Still under appeal: Appeal of Seattle’s citywide Mandatory Housing Affordability rezones continue. The city council appears to be having closed-door meetings with community groups on the rezones ($). 

Deadly, dirty management: New rules for coal plants would lead to many more deaths each year ($).

New independent department: King County Metro Transit will form its own department in county government come January and assume responsibility for the water taxi division.

Watering Move Seattle down: The Seattle Times reports that RapidRide lines planned as part of Move Seattle largely won’t materialize due to a “reset” of priorities ($).

Mariners demand opulence: Katie Wilson of Seattle Transit Riders Union argues against the public handouts to the Mariners in the midst of a regional housing crisis.

Map of the Week: Where can you find rowhouses in America and Canada?

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